Housing and Residence Life

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Welcome to your new home and to the Department of Housing and Residence Life!

Our department is excited to help you grow during your time at Florida Memorial University. Living on campus is a unique part of the college experience. As a residential student, you will be a part of a living and learning environment that promotes community engagement and social interaction. Living on campus will surely foster lifelong friendships and memories while at FMU.

All of us in the Department of Housing and Residence Life hope that you will seize the possibilities presented to you. You’ll have many opportunities to be a part of the FMU community through the programming, activities, and various events offered by Residence Life and other campus organizations.

We encourage you to make your FMU housing experience all that it can be. The Residence Life staff will be here to assist you in any way possible. We expect that you will take an active role in your residential community by listening to others and sharing your experiences. It is our expectation that as a member of the residential campus life community, you will adhere to the expectations outlined within this handbook as well as the Florida Memorial University Student Handbook.

We hope to help you make this an exciting and productive year!