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Welcome to CYBERZONE!

Visit us at our new location JC Sams building. In addition to the CyberZone for IT Support, Helpdesk, Software, some PC and hardware repairs, you will now have a more socially friendly immediate support options. Get your questions answered by an IT expert, chat, email, or even Twitter. From setting up your FMU Smart Device to recovering your FMU password to Blackboard or MyFMU, CyberZone Support has you covered.

What will we offer at our CyberZone location?

  • IT Helpdesk (Password Reset, Wi-Fi, Smart Devices, IP TV and Cable Support etc…)
  • Information Resource (LinkedIn Learning, Gartner etc…)
  • In Partnership with the FMU Library (Tech-Talk Content, Innovation and Tips and Tricks) Tech-Talk is a premier collection of articles and videos, written each week by top training
    experts for busy professionals and aspiring students. It helps people stay up-to-date in using technology and become better communicators in the workplace.
  • ID badges (Temporarily house the ID badge services)

FMU CyberZone                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lehman Building
Room 101
Monday – Friday
8:30am – 5pm

CyberZone services catalogue

  • Educational Technology – Blackboard and Jenzabar
  • IMT Helpdesk
  • Level one technical support to include but not limit to Accounts & Passwords
  • WiFi and Smart device support
  • Classrooms, Labs & Printing
  • Desktop Services
  • Badge and ID Printing (Temporarily facilitated by IMT)
  • Email & Collaboration – office365, exchange and SharePoint etc…
  • Internet & Network – WiFi, office, dorm, classroom, venues etc…
  • Media & Events – AV and other related support
  • Professional Services – Educational and Business Operations
  • Security – CyberZone Security Operation Center (network and sas, backup etc…)
  • Servers & Storage – Network Operation Center
  • Software & Business Applications – all other FMU critical services both applications and infrastructure
  • Voice Communication
  • Web Services