School of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to The School of Arts and Sciences, where we think of ourselves as the heart, mind and soul of Florida Memorial University. Whether you’re interested in the arts and humanities, oral and written communications, mathematical reasoning, technology, or natural and social sciences, we offer high quality programs of study. Several of our programs have special accreditations and our outstanding faculty are actively pursuing research in areas ranging from testing of potential anti-cancer compounds and the history of African Americans in Florida to the origin of the “Philadelphia Sound.” Others are leaders in community organizations which better the lives of South Floridians. All are committed to preparing a guided pathway for students to excel in the career of their choice. Our students are involved in musical recitals, senior projects, and other artistic and scholarly works; some of which are shared with the FMU community through research, experiential learning and performing arts days. Our notable alumni include a state judge from our criminal justice program, several medical doctors and PhDs from our chemistry and biology programs, a world-renowned steel pan artist from our music program, and the first Black person to fly solo around the world – a graduate of our aviation program. Regardless of their course of study, all FMU students must take our liberal arts core curriculum. If you have any questions, or would like additional information about our school, please contact the Dean’s Office using the information below.

Dr. Samuel A. Darko

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Ms. Natosha King

Administrative Assistant

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