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The School of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic unit at Florida Memorial University. Virtually every student at the university is exposed to the standards of our five departments.

Our outstanding faculty are committed to fostering student creativity and curiosity with the sole purpose of ensuring our students are equipped with the thinking and reasoning tools for their own educational excellence. Our faculty led research and innovation programs are designed to take the learning experience beyond the classroom.

The School of Arts and Sciences is focused on creating future leaders who will one day lead others; leaders who can adapt to a changing world, critical thinkers, quantitative reasoners, complex tasks managers, entrepreneurial thinkers, and impactful communicators.

Here at the School of Arts and Sciences, our goal is to guide your expertise, acquire skills, develop abilities, and launch you back into the world that awaits your contribution. We inspire to bring students, faculty, and practitioners from all disciplines, perspectives, and backgrounds together.

If you are ready to create new knowledge and help to solve the world’s challenges, then welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences at FMU.

We look forward to engaging with you!

Samuel Darko

Dr. Samuel A. Darko
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
FIU/FMU Building, Room 244
Phone: (305) 626-3157