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Welcome to the Department of Arts & Humanities!

Our mission is to prepare students to successfully compete in the global, cultural, and economic community. Most importantly, we strive to enrich the lives of our community of scholars and researchers, and to enhance the world around them. The Department is designed to develop individual creativity, foster self-confidence, and encourage self-expression.

Three majors are offered under the department:

  • Communications: The Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a concentration in Television, prepares students for careers in television, either as broadcast journalists or as producers. Students majoring in this concentration will develop broadcast communication skills, including announcing, on-camera performance, voice over production, video production and editing, audio production, and directing.
  • Music Production: The Bachelor of Arts in Music Production with a concentration in Vocal, Instrumental, or Technology, exposes students to a broad program of general education and encourages student to incorporate eighteen elective credits in an area of their choice. This allows students to prepare for graduate studies or entry into areas such as Music Therapy, Music Business, Technology, and Law and Communications. Emphasis is placed upon development of musicianship, performing ability and overall student growth.
  • Religion and Philosophy: The Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy prepares students for a broad spectrum of leadership positions within the varied fields of the ministry. This specialized program is carefully designed to train the student minister in the areas of counseling, church administration, and evangelism. Students are also given the basic tools necessary for further study at graduate or professional schools, or at theological seminaries.

Arts & Humanities contributes to the overall quality of life and expects that students will leave its community of scholars and traditions, and be prepared to participate fully in society, and own their excellence!

The department’s artistic activities provide enrichment to both the campus and external communities through performances, lectures, exhibitions and collaborations with other aligned organizations.