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Information Technology Management (ITM)
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Information Management and Technology (IMT) is to enhance the institution’s ability to process information and share knowledge for teaching, learning, research and administration. To this end we will endeavor to insure that the power of technology is readily available to every student, faculty and staff member. To accomplish this we will create an environment that insures technical stability, service to our clients and a commitment to teamwork, partnership and continuous improvement.

External Environment

In order to support the University’s commitments to the free exchange of ideas and the importance of life-long learning, the Division of Information Management and Technology must insure that all avenues to information are made available to its constituents. We will do this by constantly pursuing global advances in technology and providing the Florida Memorial community with the tools to discover these ideas and reinforce them both during their tenure at the University and after they have left to pursue their career goals.

Building partnerships and working cooperatively with other institutions, government agencies and the global information technology industry can help to achieve this objective.

Internal Environment

Within the realm of today’s technical environment, the core of each person’s access to information technology will be the personal computer and the Internet. As we increase our technology support with a variety of services and products, our clients will receive the full benefits of an enhanced communication environment that will lead to expanded collaborative projects and information sharing among colleagues on campus and around the world.

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