Reference and Research Assistance

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At the Research Assistance Desk, Library Staff are available to assist individuals who are writing research papers or completing other assignments that require use of library resources such as books, electronic databases, online journal articles, and e-books.

Reference and research librarians provide the following services:

  • Directional:Answer general questions about the library and services especially pertaining to logistics such as schedules, floor plans, and policies.
  • Contacts:Answer short factual questions using library resources or web-based tools, usually 1-5 minutes in length.
  • Consultations:Work with library users in instances that require in depth research and may include narrowing/broadening a topic, understanding keyword/subject searching, and use of multiple resources.

Reference and Research Librarians do not:

  • Proofread or edit student papers. Students are advised to consult the Writing Center for assistance.

Appointments can be scheduled with specific librarians. Librarians work one-on-one with patrons until they have completed their research.

Reference and Research Assistance Contact Options:

  • The Reference and Research Desk is located on the Second Floor
  • Call a librarian at 305 626-3647
  • Call 305 626-3648 to speak with a Reference Librarian
  • Ask a Librarian