Continuing Education

The Department of Continuing Education is responsible for administering the following: Credit for Life Experience Opportunity (CLEO) Program, the off-campus sites, courses for individuals seeking professional education area certification or re-certification, non-credit courses, certificate programs, and continuing education units. Additionally, the department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies for working adults.

Objectives of the Department

Overall, the purpose of the department is to enrich, expand and extend the university’s primary mission of teaching and service:

  • To maintain a curriculum that meets the needs of working adults.
  • To provide instruction, and instruction to meet the needs of mature life-long learners.
  • To offer courses at off-campus sites to facilitate the continuing education efforts of working adults.
  • To offer professional seminars, symposiums and workshops.
  • To provide a forum for the enrichment of individuals through a lecture/ artist series that encourages dialogue among local, county, state, and national communities.
  • To offer Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), for non-credit activities that address identified needs of many unique audiences.
  • To offer Credit for Life Experiences Opportunity (CLEO) that are comparable and applicable to credit offered by the university.
  • To provide specialized Professional Education Area Certification (PEAC) courses for eligible teacher, appropriate for meeting certification and recertification requirements.
  • To assist students in understanding the role of the Department of Continuing Education.
  • To provide students with information pertaining to the Interdisciplinary Studies degree program
  • To prepare the students for graduate and professional school.

Mission Statement

The Department of Continuing Education (DCE) serves of facilitate the University’s degree-granting programs in the provision of educational opportunities and other experiential learning programs for traditional and non-traditional learners, and serves as the catalyst for various interest groups in meeting professional and personal development needs. The department is responsible for the University’s off-campus centers; the Weekend Program; Credit for Life Experience Opportunity (CLEO); Continuing Education Units (CEU); non-credit courses and certificate programs. In addition, the DCE offers a Bachelor of Art degree in Interdisciplinary Studies for working adults.

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