The Lion Legacy

You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears.

Paraphrase from The Holy Bible

WELCOME HOME ALUMNI! You embody our greatest hopes and dreams! As graduates of Florida Memorial University, you represent the best and brightest in South Florida and beyond! The Office of Alumni Affairs wants to keep you engaged and up- to-date regarding university news and upcoming events. We also want to hear from you so we can know how you’re impacting the world. Be sure to share your accomplishments and life changing news, including your career moves, graduations, marriages, birth announcements, and anything else that is special to you. Your success is our success.

Through our innovative programs and services, we aim to strengthen alumni ties and encourage lifelong investment in our alma mater so the Lions coming behind you will have what they need to be successful.

Check out our alumni spotlights and thank you for your continued support!

Want to support student scholarships and show Lion Pride wherever you go? If you own a vehicle in Florida, you can purchase your FMU specialty license plate today.

The specialty license plate adds just $25 to the cost of your annual registration fee. 100% of the $25 fee goes toward the Florida Memorial University Alumni Tag Scholarship Fund to benefit current students.

Visit your local vehicle licensing agency and start showing your Lion Pride today! For more information, please call 305-626-3658

GEICO supports Florida Memorial University. When you become a GEICO customer, we both win! You save money and Florida Memorial University receives a donation.

To find out how, click here.

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