Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Education

I am pleased to warmly welcome you on behalf of our faculty to the Department of Education here at Florida Memorial University. The field of education is an integral component woven into the fabric of society and serves as a gateway to better opportunities and improved circumstances. The nation has reached a critical time in history and education where there is a high need for quality educators, which is why we are here.

The Department of Education prepares students with high-quality, innovative instructors, 21st-century high-level programming, data collection, field experiences, professional development, community initiatives, and partners. We immerse our students in the field to ensure they are prepared and equipped to be impactful in the classroom. Effective educators change the lives of students. We ensure our students are skillful in cultivating positive relationships, team building, strategic planning, and content experts to construct meaningful educational experiences that enable students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

We offer a high-touch experience where students have accessible advisors, designated centers, community involvement, employment opportunities, tutoring, free resources, and vouchers to support and improve their quality of education. Our students have instructors that genuinely care about their success. We currently have an Elementary Education ESOL/Reading undergraduate degree with a robust field experience component that strongly prepares students to be elite educators. We have a minor in education that can complement other majors to allow students to prepare for career options. Our graduate programs in Reading and Exceptional Student Education refine our students by training them to be well-defined specialists in their respective fields.

We congratulate you for embarking upon a career that will lead to a lifetime of service! You are truly needed in the Field of Education!

Tyffany WhiteTyffany White, EdD
Chair of Education
Director of Teacher Education and Graduate Studies
Assistant Professor
FMU/FIU Building, Room 248
Phone: (305) 626-3694