Teacher Education Center For Excellence

Organizations for Teacher Education Students

There are several professional organizations suited for our education majors to become more aware and involved in the teaching profession.

American Federation of Teachers
Advisor: Dr. Tyffany White, Director of Teacher Education and Graduate Studies

International Reading Association
Alpha Upsilon Alpha Honor Society
Beta Rho Chapter
Advisor: Dr. Yvonne Campbell, Associate Professor

Future Educators of America (F.E.A)
Kappa Delta Pi
Advisor: Dr. Tyffany White, Director of Teacher Education and Graduate Studies

Student Council for Exceptional Children
Advisor: Dr. Annamaria Jerome-Raja, Associate Professor

Field Experience and Internships

School of Education majors are required to successfully complete field experiences and a culminating internship (student teaching or cooperative teaching). Teacher education students will be placed in public, private or charter schools in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, or Palm Beach counties to fulfill field experience and internships. Teacher education students must adhere to the policies and procedures of the school districts. This includes fingerprinting and drug testing.

Visitations to public, private, and charter schools in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach Counties will require fingerprint clearance prior to entering the designated school.

The School of Education Teacher Education Center will:

  • Place students in school sites for Pre-Student Teaching and Internship
  • Assign school supervisors to monitor students in the field
  • Provide professional development seminars
  • Take students to education conferences
  • Make contacts with schools and school board administrators
  • Conduct observations and/or placement in schools
  • Provide information on the fingerprinting process

Contact Ms. Keishae Gillis for procedures: (305) 623-4279
Location: FIU/FMU Room 221

Admission to Teacher Education Internship

The internship experience provides the vehicle for teacher trainees to demonstrate teacher competencies by connecting the theoretical with the practical experiences through implementation of the teaching process.

Before applying for internship, students must be fully accepted into the School of Education Teacher Education Program, including passing all subsections of the General Knowledge Examination. Students must also complete all required education courses. Acceptance into the Education Internship Program is granted by the Professional Education Program faculty committee and dean.

To qualify for acceptance into the internship program, students MUST satisfy the following requirements:

  • An overall GPA 2.5 or higher
  • A typed one-page essay on My Philosophy of Education
  • Successful completion of 150 clock hours in pre-student teaching experiences or the equivalent with average or above average evaluations
  • Successful completion of the Professional section of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) for state approved programs
  • Completion of local school districts/school requirements including background clearance