Academic Advising

Did you know: Academic advising is more than just registering for courses!

CARS Advisor-Advocates teach first-year Lions the components included in how to graduate “on time”, the resources available for preventing and overcoming academic challenges, and strategies and behaviors for respectful and effective self-advocacy.

Specifically, professional advisor-advocates oversee the following for first-year students:

  • Transcript evaluation
  • Course selection
  • Training on using registration tools (MyFMU portal)
  • Degree planning
  • Academic improvement plans

To ensure Lions learn critical academic self-reliance in the first year, CARS advisor-advocates require new students to attend TWO (2) mandatory advising conferences during each term (Fall and Spring). After attending these conferences, students will be able to do the following:

  • Choose and register for degree-applicable courses
  • Explain how they can graduate in four years
  • Use the technological resources of MyFMU and Blackboard for student registration and course success
  • Identify the resources and strategies for academic recovery

Student responsibilities in the first year relative to academic advising are as follows:

  1. Participate in at least two (2) mandatory advising conferences each semester
  2. Check FMU email at least daily (if not more frequently)
  3. Maintain regular contact with assigned CARS Advisor-Advocate and share anything that may have a negative effect on classes
  4. Abide by all deadlines on the Academic Calendar
  5. Declare a major in the first semester

Philosophy of CARS Advising in the First Year

The transition from high school to college can sometimes be difficult and advisor-advocates are the first resource of support beyond the classroom. Advisor-advocates focus on coaching and empowering students toward their own success so that students may self-advocate and make the best decisions for their academic health and degree progress. Advisor-advocates do NOT take these responsibilities out of students’ hands. Instead, they coach students on the applicable resources at their disposal and the time frames and personnel involved to help resolve any issues.

It is critical that students communicate early and often with their CARS Advisor-Advocate before any class issue so that the right, best resources can be accessed by the student. It is always the student’s responsibility to ask for assistance. CARS advisors will make every effort to provide helpful reminders and outreach to encourage students to stay in close touch.