Chapel Ambassador Programs

The Chapel Ambassadors are student ministers actively working to link students to the spiritual resources on campus. Chapel Ambassadors are members of the FMU Campus Ministry team and are essential to the implementation of an effective campus-wide program.

Chapel Ambassadors assist the Dean of Campus Ministry in implementing the four pillars of Campus Ministry: (1) Pastoral Care and Prayer, (2) Refreshing (Sunday Worship), (3) Moments with God (Bible Study), (4) Ministry on the Move (Outreach/Prayer) and Special Programs. In addition, Chapel Ambassadors – based on 2 Corinthians 5:18 which states, “We are all ambassadors for Christ” – are charged with promoting student-led spiritual activities throughout the campus.

The work of the Ambassadors includes:

  1. Working as part of Chapel support team and assisting the Chaplain in the implementation of the Four Principles of Campus Ministry.
  2. Volunteering as a means of earning valuable ministerial experience in preaching, teaching and outreach.
  3. Attending training sessions for Chapel Ambassadors to learn proper pulpit decorum, the importance of walking worthy of the ministry vocation and improving writing, teaching and preaching skills.
  4. Working with the Chaplain to draw more students into right relationship with Christ. The Chapel Ambassadors are seen as an effective connection between students and the Campus Ministry.
  5. Being present and supporting Chapel activities and services on a weekly basis as academic schedules permit.
  6. Serving as examples and spiritual mentors to university students as part of the outreach Ministry on the Move.
  7. Maintaining a professional and spiritual demeanor, optimistic attitude and act as positive role models, which includes, but is not limited to, being on time and prepared for all Chapel related commitments; dressing appropriately during all Chapel services and events and meeting; meeting deadlines; managing personal/professional time; using appropriate language and checking email regularly for Chapel related communications.
  8. Maintaining confidentiality in communications with students where care of that information is entrusted to Chapel Ambassadors.
  9. Praying and interceding regularly on behalf of the success of the Campus Ministry.
  10. Maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA as a full-time student as exemplars of excellence at FMU.
  11. Abiding by all FMU policies and procedures, especially the Student Code of Conduct. A Chapel Ambassador is expected to be a positive role model through personal example. A Chapel Ambassador may be held to higher standards than students in the general population.
  12. Maintaining regular communication with the Chaplain in order to fully understand the expectations and mission of the Susie C. Holley Religious Center, Campus Ministry and the Chapel Ambassadors Program.
  13. Presenting to the University Chaplain any certificates of ordination, licensure or other proof of ecclesiastical rank and/or training and service.
  14. Understanding that this is a volunteer relationship with the Campus Ministry which may be terminated at any time by either party. However, the University Chapel may dismiss an ambassador for conduct unbecoming of the position or that is detrimental to the university, Chapel or the Campus Ministry.

If you are interested in becoming a Chapel Ambassador, please contact Dr. Jamila Jackson, Dean of Campus Ministry, at (305) 626-0002 or (561) 320-8021 or via email at