Office of Institutional Research

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to gather, analyze, and report information relevant to the institution, its students, faculty, and operations.


The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for providing the university administration and others with information that supports planning, policy formation and decision making. The office serves as a comprehensive source of information about the institution.

The office also provides accurate and timely responses to critical external surveys that include reporting to the United States Department of Education’s Integrated Post-secondary Education Data Systems (IPEDS), The College Fund/UNCF’s Annual Survey, The Department of Education Graduate Report, and the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) Accountability Report.

In addition to external surveys and reports, the office also designs, distributes and analyzes internal surveys used for research, grant-writing and institutional planning. Finally, the office also prints, distributes, analyzes, and reports the results of the Course and Instructor evaluation survey that is administered during the fall and spring semesters.

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Staff Contact Information

Director: Dr. Carlos Canas
Phone: (305) 626-3698