Dr. Mildred E. Berry, Dean

Welcome to the School of Education, where we believe that “It takes the whole university to produce a teacher,” this is our version of the ancient African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

- Dr. Mildred E. Berry, Dean

High Quality Teachers

The School of Education is very cognizant of the pivotal roles that the entire University family plays in helping to produce highly qualified teachers. The School in collaboration with the University seeks to ensure that our graduates are capable of providing quality instruction to K-12 learners in a global diverse arena through this hemisphere.

Education Programs

At the undergraduate level, we offer 10 Florida State Approved programs that provide the opportunity for our graduates to enter the educational arena with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to become highly effective teachers. AT GRADUATE LEVEL, There are three masters programs in Reading, Elementary Education and Exceptional Student Education. We are proud of the fact that Florida Memorial is a leader in the production of African-American teachers.

Interested Students

We invite those that are interested, who have a passion for teaching and learning, to become a part of our program as we continue the History, Legacy and Tradition of Florida Memorial University: Preparing Constructivist, Competent, and Compassionate educators (C3E); Going from good to great.