FMU Cheer Earn Top Honors at National Cheerleader Association Camp

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FMU Cheer earn top honors at National Cheerleader Association Camp

The Florida Memorial Competitive Cheer team made program history, earning first place in both the Rally Routine and the 45 Second Crowd Segment at the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Camp in Daytona Beach. The team also won best overall in the small co-ed intermediate division.

“I am incredibly proud of my team’s performance at NCA Cheer Camp,” said Ayana Harris, head coach of FMU’s Competitive Cheer Team. “Taking first place in both the Game Day and Rally segments has never been done in our school’s history. We are only going into our third year as a competitive cheer program, which makes this accomplishment even more significant. I’m extremely excited about this team’s potential and looking forward to a successful season.”

The Lions were selected as one of only six teams out of 18 to participate in the Crowd Segment Runoff, which showcased the top routines at the camp. FMU Cheer also received all-superior ribbons during the content evaluation, as well as an NCA Spirit Stick and a paid bid to the NCA College Nationals.

NCA College Nationals is the largest end-of-the-season cheer competition in the country, which showcases top NCAA and NAIA cheer teams. The road to the NCA College Nationals starts with eight pre-season summer cheer camps throughout the country, where teams are evaluated on effective game day crowd leading routines and performances.