Message from the Chair

Greetings from the Department of Social Sciences at Florida Memorial University! 

It is my great pleasure to welcome everyone to this vibrant and dynamic department. Our mission is clear: to advance our students’ intellectual, analytical, and communication skills as we prepare them for the challenges of a diverse and global society. We are committed to nurturing character, enabling our students to excel professionally as they contribute to society.

Our dedicated faculty members are passionate about their disciplines and are actively involved in research and professional service. They bring their expertise and relevant research into the classroom, creating a student-centered learning environment that fosters success. We believe in the power of high-impact teaching practices that engage and empower students, encouraging them to develop their skills and become well-rounded professionals.

Our department offers undergraduate programs in Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice with Concentration in Criminology, Law & Government, Social Work, and Psychology. These programs provide a foundation for various career paths, and we are committed to offering quality instruction, advisement, and mentorship to ensure our students’ success. We are dedicated to improving existing practices, embracing innovation, and challenging traditional approaches.

I warmly welcome all students and colleagues to the Department of Social Sciences. Together, let us embark on a journey of intellectual growth, professional development, and societal impact.


Dr. Erik M. Cruz                  
Chair of Social Sciences
School of Education
 Assistant Professor