School of Business

FMU’s School of Business is committed to offering students a world-class education through high quality programs and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Our faculty and staff are committed to fulfilling our institution’s emphasis on growth and excellence. As a result, we periodically review, upgrade, and expand our curriculum. We offer a variety of majors and minors to equip students for careers in business and other sectors of society.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Through our Accounting program, we prepare students for professional careers in public accounting, private industry accounting, and governmental accounting. The program also prepares students for graduate schools and programs. Objectives include: helping students achieve a level of accounting knowledge and critical thinking skills appropriate for accounting professionals; helping students achieve a minimum level of effective communication skills appropriate for accounting professionals; assisting students in acquiring the ability to use technology in making professional business decisions and presentations; providing qualified accounting graduates to the public, private, and government sectors; providing a fundamental background in the area of accounting theories for students who wish to pursue advanced study and counseling students in planning for graduate studies, promoting research and dissemination of knowledge of developments in the accounting profession and more. This degree program requires at least 122 semester hours for completion.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Our Business Administration program emphasizes management studies. It is designed to direct students toward an integrated approach to modern management, theory and practice, the changing nature of management, management in a changing global environment, and creative problem solving. The approved electives provide career options in finance, human resource management, marketing, and international business. This degree program requires at least 122 semester hours for completion.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Our Finance program provides students with knowledge of the major concepts and practices of financial management, while at the same time helping to develop their analytical, decision-making, and communication abilities. The Finance program will also provide students with learning opportunities that reflect the current state of knowledge and practice within the field; prepare students for careers in finance and other business areas, and offer the opportunity to pursue graduate studies. This degree program requires at least 122 semester hours for completion.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Our Marketing program provides students with an understanding of the basic structures and processes of marketing and assists them in developing the ability to analyze and deal with marketing problems and opportunities. The program prepares students for careers in marketing and the opportunity to pursue graduate studies. The program is intended to teach students the necessary skills for performance of assigned duties in the fields of: marketing management, marketing research, industrial sales and retail management. This degree program requires at least 122 semester hours for completion.

Dual Hospitality Management

The objective of the Florida Memorial University/FIU Hospitality Management Program is to provide students with the opportunity to obtain the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Florida Memorial University and the Hospitality Management or Master of Science Degree in Hotel and Food Service Management from FIU. This degree program requires at least 98 semester hours for completion at Florida Memorial University.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Here at FMU, we can offer you a fully-accredited MBA in one-year, part-time. By taking two or four classes each semester (Friday night and Saturday), students will attend classes with other motivated, working professionals; learn from Florida Memorial University’s experienced, credentialed staff of professors; complete a full general MBA program in one calendar year, gaining the full range of accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing knowledge needed to compete and succeed in today’s business environment; and earn an MBA from Florida Memorial University, a SACS accredited university. To learn more, fill out the following form.


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