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National Association of Black Accountants

National Association of Black Accountants logo

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) club is affiliated with the Greater Miami Chapter of NABA professionals.  The accounting club meets at least several times a year, often with the professional NABA chapter.  Annual events include an accounting careers night, resume development and interviewing workshops, and a regional student conference with NABA usually held in Atlanta.  The regional student conference focuses on career development and placement, as well as preparation for entry into the accounting profession. At the conferences, students can interview for internships and permanent positions.

Finance Club


The Finance Club is designed to expose students to a broad range of activities in order for them to gain first-hand knowledge of financial institutions, events, and issues. Students involved in this organization have the opportunity to participate in projects concerning the local economy, visit organizations such as Federal Reserve Banks and brokerage firms, and get involved in community humanitarian efforts.


In keeping with the mission of Florida Memorial University and the School of Business Administration, to inculcate in its members the importance of life-long learning and a commitment to leadership, to prepare students to function effectively in a highly competitive technological global society, and specifically to develop an appreciation for the opportunities available through the understanding of finance.


All students in good standing at Florida Memorial University can be members of the CLUB. Active members have the privilege of voice and vote by attendance or proxy and are entitled to participate in the activities of the CLUB. To maintain active status a member must:

a) pay all debts to the CLUB,

b) be represented at the annual meeting., and

c) fulfill any additional requirements set forth in
subsequent By-Laws.

Inactive Membership

Inactive members have the privilege of voice and may participate in the activities of the CLUB, subject to approval of the active membership. Inactive membership may be conferred upon an active member as specified in subsequent By- Laws.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are any natural persons or organizations that wish to align themselves with the purposes of the CLUB. Affiliate members have the privilege of voice, at the President’s discretion, but shall not vote or have representation on the Executive Committee.

American Marketing Association

American Marketing AssociationThe American Marketing Association is one of the largest professional associations in the world with over 10,000 student members, and 20,000 professional members who work, teach and study in the field. Membership in the AMA collegiate chapter offers many benefits for students including career resources, platforms for professional development, participation in chapter events, leadership development, and access to many AMA competitions offered annually. Students that choose to manage an AMA collegiate chapter gain valuable experience managing people, finances, projects and deadlines- perfect leadership skills to highlight their resumes! Collegiate chapters focus on professional development, community service and fundraising activities, as well as hosting marketing and business speakers, etiquette dinners, resume workshops, and more.

Honor Societies

  • Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society
  • Financial Management Association International

National Honor Society

Honor Society

Delta Mu Delta is an international honor society in business administration. Its purpose is to promote higher scholarship in the training for business and to recognize and reward scholastic attainment in business subjects.

To be eligible for membership, students must be registered in a business administration program in the School of Business; have completed at least half of the work required for the degree; have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or better; be in the top 20 percent of their class; and be in good standing.

Delta Mu Delta

International Honor Society in Business

New Member Selection Process

A. Election Procedures

  1. Printout is ordered from the Registrar’s Office of students who meet the DMD membership qualifications as defined by Article XI of the National Chapter Bylaws:
  2. All candidates for inducted membership in a local chapter must be approved scholastically, in writing, by the chief academic officer of the business unit and must be elected to membership by the members of the local chapter.

B. Eligibility Rules

The degree in Business Administration, however it is called, is the basic criterion for membership. Thus, students taking business courses with the purpose of completing degrees in other departments would not be eligible. Questionable programs of study may be referred to the Central Office for judgment.

1. Membership is accorded undergraduates and graduates who are registered in programs of business administration. Undergraduates must:
a) Be candidates for the Baccalaureate Degree in Business;
b) Have completed at least half the credits required for the degree;
c) Have a cumulative average grade of .2 above a “B” or better;
d) Be in the top 20 percent of their college class; and
e) Be of good standing.

2.Graduate students must have completed at least half the requirements for the graduate degree with a cumulative average grade of .25 above a “B” or better. Local chapters may require higher standards by amendment of their bylaws and notification to Central Office.

Florida Memorial University

Financial Management Association International

National Honor Society
What is the FMA National Honor Society? The FMA National Honor Society is the only National Honor Society specifically for finance students. It was founded in 1974 by FMA International. The FMA National Honor Society provides a way to recognize your best finance students for their academic achievements. By induction into the FMA National Honor Society, students have a means of demonstrating their academic excellence to potential employers. This honor helps set them apart from other students when pursuing their career. Through the FMA National Honor Society, students who meet the requirements for membership – i.e., those who meet or exceed the minimum GPA and have completed the required coursework – are recognized for their academic achievement with:

  1. A personalized FMA National Honor Society certificate/scroll FMA National Honor Society lapel pin Recognition on FMA’s student chapter website
  2. Option to purchase a FMA National Honor Society sash for graduation

Please note that the scrolls and pins are ideal to present to students during formal induction ceremonies or at honor convocations.

Eligibility Requirements

The minimum qualifications for membership are established by FMA International. Individual chapters may set higher standards if appropriate. The faculty advisor’s signature (on the student membership application) is required for proof that requirements have been met.


  1. 3.25 Overall GPA OR 3.25 GPA in finance and/or finance-related coursework AND Successful completion of six (6) hours of finance and finance-related coursework
  2. Junior or senior class standing

Graduate (MBA)

  1. 3.50 Overall GPA OR 3.50 GPA in finance and/or finance-related coursework AND
  2. Successful completion of one half of required coursework

Alpha Mu Alpha

Alpha Mu AlphaSince its inception in 1937, the American Marketing Association (AMA) has remained committed to the advancement of excellence in the field of marketing.  It was this commitment which fostered the establishment of Alpha Mu Alpha in spring of 1981. Alpha Mu Alpha, is the national marketing honorary for qualified undergraduate, graduate and doctoral marketing students, and marketing faculty.


Membership status in Alpha Mu Alpha is available to individuals who attend a college or university having an established AMA collegiate chapter, and/or who attend a regionally or nationally accredited institution.  The appropriate Alpha Mu Alpha faculty coordinator on campus, nominates marketing students who meet the academic standards approved by the AMA Board of Directors.  The nominees are then asked to submit the Request form and payment to accept Alpha Mu Alpha Honorary recognition. Students are eligible for this honor if they are seniors majoring in marketing and have a GPA of 3.25 or greater.

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