Writing with Pride Spoken Word Competition

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FMU’s inaugural Writing with Pride Spoken Word Competition.

The power of speech was put on full display inside the Nathan Collier Library on Tuesday.

Fifteen students with varying majors representing the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education painted vivid images with words during FMU’s inaugural Writing with Pride Spoken Word Competition.

Some spoke about the pain of loss… loss of family, loss of trust, and loss of unabated love.

A few spoke about the importance of finding one’s place in a world where race often takes the place of being truly seen for who they really are and not for what they’re perceived to be.

Then there were the storytellers who shared messages of hope, about thanking God, making mama proud, and about what it means to take pride in yourself.

All the of the performances were memorable, but the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Committee could only select nine winners, three from each school.

School of Arts and Sciences
1st Prize: Akil Rose- Aviation Management
2nd Prize: Rashaud Marcelin- Music
3rd Prize: Nathaniel Noel- Music

School of Business
1st Prize: Ti’Andre Bellinger- Business Administration
2nd Prize: Johana Karbanova- Business Administration
3rd Prize: Jude Jean- Business Administration

School of Education and Social Sciences
1st Prize: Elsie Carmona Quiterio- Social Work
2nd Prize: Nikira Rolle- Psychology
3rd Prize: Christian Taylor- Psychology

All first prize winners will receive $1,000, all second prize winners will receive $500, and all third prize winners will receive $300.

Each speaker received a certificate of participation.

The students and guests were also celebrated with a lunch reception and serenaded with live music.

There will be additional QEP Contests in the Spring semester! Be on the lookout for future emails detailing the next contest.

Please feel free to download photos of the competition from FMU’s official Flickr account.

Here is the link: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAfoRj