Dr. Dimitri TamalisDr. Dimitri Tamalis received his bachelors of science in Chemistry from McPherson College, KS in 1990 and his Doctorate in Biochemistry from Kansas State University in 1997. He has been with Florida Memorial University since 2002 and received his tenure in 2010.

Research interests:His research interests are primarily focused on the characterization of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) from the oil industry and other sources through a technique called Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA).

Courses taught: General Chemistry I (CHE110), General Chemistry I Lab (CHE111), General Chemistry II (CHE112), General Chemistry II Lab (CHE113), Physical Science (PSC101), Biochemistry (CHE430), Senior Project (NSC453), Health Physics (CHE350), Health Physics Lab (CHE351), Advanced Radiochemistry (CHE370), and Concepts in Nuclear Science (CHE101)