Mission Statement

The professional education program at Florida Memorial University is designed to uphold and carry out the mission of the University, which is to provide effective academic programs that lead to life-long learning and leadership through service.

High Quality Educators

The dynamics of change have led to the continuation of high expectations for the quality of educators prepared at this institution, from increasing the diversity of the student population to revising the program that addresses the use of technology.

Effective Educators

Effective educators are expected to demonstrate scholarship, service, and research as they prepare to become professionals in their respective fields. Graduates of the teacher education program are noted for their professionalism and their belief that all children can learn. The School’s vision may be captured by the following theme: “Continuing the Heritage, Legacy and Tradition of Florida Memorial University: Preparing Constructivist, Competent, Compassionate Educators, C3E.”

The School of Education (SOE) has been training high quality teachers for nearly a century. The SOE, which traces its history back to 1915, currently supplies one of every four of South Florida’s black teachers.

The SOE offers undergraduate majors in Combined Elementary Education (K-6) and Exceptional Student Education (K-12), English (6-12), Social Science (6-12), Biology (6-12), and Mathematics (6-12). The Bachelor of Science degrees offered in these specialized fields, along with the teacher education curriculum, prepare students for a professional teaching career in the respective content areas.

The SOE also offers masters programs in Exceptional Student Education and Reading.

The curricular offerings in the Professional Education Program provide opportunities to learn and practice appropriate theories, concepts, and strategies. The Professional Education Program provides teacher trainees with the skills and competencies necessary to be effective educators by emphasizing such areas as methodologies of instruction, curriculum development, classroom management, assessment, field activities, and internship experience. The curriculum developed for majors leading to teacher certification is based on national standards and the State Board of Education rules prescribed in Chapter 6A.5FAC of the Department of Education for the State of Florida. The School must make program modifications as mandated by the State.

The Florida Department of Education has continuously approved the School’s Teacher Education Programs.

The School of Educations Accreditations

All our Teacher Education Programs are State approved.

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