SACSCOC Memorandum – April 14, 2022

As many of you are aware, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Site Review Committee visited our campus this week. After an intense week of meetings, presentations, and deliberations, we are pleased to share an important update regarding our SACSCOC status: the SACSCOC Site Review Committee’s preliminary recommendation to its Board of Trustees is to remove FMU’s Probation for Good Cause status


SACSCOC Memorandum – April 4, 2022

Continuing our commitment to transparency, the Task Force will update the University community about the upcoming visit of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) four-day campus site visit scheduled for April 11-14, 2022.

On Wednesday, April 6, at 4p.m., the FMU SACSCOC Task Force will hold a town hall meeting for faculty, staff, students, and alumni in the Lou Rawls Center for the Performing Arts.


SACSCOC Memorandum – February 4, 2022

FMU’s Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Task Force would like to provide an update regarding our SACSCOC status. As we work to remove FMU’s Probation for Good Cause and regain compliance with SACSCOC, we have the following to report.


SACSCOC Memorandum – December 17, 2021

The SACSCOC Task Force continues to hold its weekly meetings. During last week’s session, the committee began to review suggested supplemental benefits received by faculty and staff affected by the 10 percent salary reduction in July 2022.

As Florida Memorial University moves into the new year and new semester, it is important to share with the community the upcoming dates and deadlines enforced by SACSCOC.


SACSCOC Memorandum – November 22, 2021

Today, the Board of Trustees approved the following recommendations:

  • Discontinuing 18 low enrollment, underperforming degree programs, which will result in the elimination of 15 faculty positions (eight current and seven vacant)
  • Reducing salaries of $60,000 and above by 10 percent for some faculty, staff, and all administration
  • Accelerating repayment of the endowment
  • Developing University-owned land for additional revenue streams
  • Increasing Board of Trustees contributions and fundraising
  • Adopting a restrictive endowment borrowing policy


SACSCOC Memorandum – November 15, 2021

FMU’s leadership team and Board of Trustees have held meetings with SACSCOC and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) consultants, who have extensive experience dealing with accreditation matters in higher education. Additionally, the University engaged with Gray Associates, a leading strategy consulting firm, which utilizes a data-driven process to optimize course and program offerings. Their assessment revealed that FMU has a number of programs with extremely low enrollment. Based on the recommendations of SACSCOC and external consultants, the University must consider consolidating, revamping, and/or eliminating some of the current degree programs that are underperforming. If some academic programs are impacted, the University will ensure that students graduate in their respective degree programs. All non-academic areas are also undergoing the same level of review.



Dr. Hardrick gives SACSCOC Update – November 15, 2021

Dr. Heather Munns delivers message to current and aspiring students – November 15, 2021

Dr. Hardrick Addresses Concerns Surrounding the Recent Decision Made by SACSCOC – June 24, 2021

University Statement on SACSCOC

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Board of Trustees voted to continue the accreditation of Florida Memorial University (FMU) and place the University on Probation for Good Cause. This does not affect our ability to award Federal Financial Aid and degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SACSCOC and what is accreditation?
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) is one of several regional organizations that accredits colleges and universities. Regional accreditation is an important indication that a college or university is operating acceptably based on evaluation
criteria set by peer member institutions.

Has Florida Memorial University lost its accreditation?
No. The University continues to be accredited.

What is Probation?
Failure to correct deficiencies or failure to make satisfactory progress toward compliance with the Principles of Accreditation, whether or not the institution is already on Warning, may result in the institution being placed on Probation.

How long will Florida Memorial University be on probation?
The University has been placed on twelve months’ probation. A response from the University and a report from a SACSCOC Special Committee visit will be sent to the Commission for consideration at their June 2022 meeting.

Is FMU on probation because of academics?
No. The quality of FMU’s academic programs is not in question. FMU still has the ability to award Federal Financial Aid and offer degrees.

Are degrees awarded by FMU still valid?
Yes. This probationary action has no impact on the value of degrees awarded by Florida Memorial University.

Will students still be able to collect financial aid?
Yes. The University continues to be eligible to distribute federal financial aid.

What led to FMU being placed on probation for good cause?
The issues that led to this action occurred over numerous years of dealing with financial challenges, declining enrollment, and aging infrastructure. Unfortunately, COVID-19 impacted enrollment for academic year 2020, thus affecting overall revenue.

How is FMU addressing its probationary status?
FMU is well on its way to resolving the outstanding issues. New enrollment initiatives, new academic programs, a focus on student life, enhanced infrastructure, the addition of new athletic programs, band, and certificate programs are already yielding positive results to stabilize and
grow enrollment.

How will that affect the University’s scheduled reaffirmation in 2021?
The reaffirmation will be postponed and the University’s accreditation will be extended until its probation ends.

What will SACSCOC do at their June 2022 meeting?
The SACSCOC Board will consider the accreditation status of the University following review of the report submitted by the University addressing the standards cited for noncompliance, and the report of the SACSCOC Special Committee. The SACSCOC Board will have the following

(1) remove the institution from probation without an additional report;
(2) continue accreditation and continue the institution on probation for good cause for one more year, or
(3) remove the institution from membership with SACSCOC for failure to comply with the Principles of Accreditation.

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