How do I make an appointment to see a Career Consultant? Do I need to do anything prior to my appointment?

Yes. Prior to meeting with a Career Consultant you need to have completed a User Profile on MonsterTrak.com. (For a complete list of the steps to access, click on the link “off-campus jobs.” This will enable the consultant to be prepared when they meet you and make your appointment more productive!

I am a freshman, does Career Services provide services to freshmen?

Yes. The Career Center can assist you with on-line with a computerized career assessment tools. We suggest that you complete the assessment tool prior to meeting with your career counselor. This will help to better structure the meeting.

Does the Career Development Center assist alumni?

Yes. In order to get your graduate clearance checklist signed off, you are required to complete the Senior Exit Survey (link here) and a professionally done resume. This allows us to maintain a database of all of our graduates to be able to alert you when opportunities become available. We also provide Resume Referral services. Our graduates have a lifetime membership with our office.

Does Career Services have job listings I can look at?

Yes. You can access off-campus job listings via our web page or by visiting the Center. Not all jobs listings are posted on the web, so we strongly suggest that you visit the center.

When is Career Fair at Florida Memorial University?

The Career Development Center sponsors one major career fair each year, which is held during the Spring Semester. However, we continually host on-campus recruitment activities throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Do you have information that can help me prepare my resume or cover letter?

Yes. In the Career Center you will find books on how to prepare resumes and cover letters and examples of each.

I’m interested in obtaining an internship for next semester, what do I need to do?

To participate in our internship program you must: register with the Career Center, have a professionally done resume on file in our office and attend an internship briefing session.

I am considering dropping out of school because I am no longer interested in my major, can your office help me?

Yes! You may want to consider doing an online assessment tool that will give you an idea of other career areas that you may be compatible with. Upon completion, make an appointment to meet with a career counselor to further assist you.

Is it important for me to have experience in my field before graduating?

Yes. When you graduate you will be competing with other graduates from other colleges and universities. Therefore, it is imperative that you are as marketable as possible. Participating in a variety of internships and other student employment opportunities will definitely give you the needed edge. To get information on internships and other student employment visit the Career Center web page or stop by the office located in the Student Services Building, Room 114. Also, you will need to attend the Internship Workshop offered each Fall and Spring semester.

Where can I get more information about graduate or professional schools?

A: During the Fall Semester, the Career Center sponsors a Graduate and Professional School Expo. Representatives from law schools, colleges, and universities across the nation attend this event and showcase their various graduate and professional degree programs. Additionally, you will be able to obtain information about admission procedures, programs of study, and financial aid, at the Grad School Expo as well as in the Career Center.

What networking opportunities do you offer through your office?

The Career Development Center provides many opportunities for students to meet career professionals. The opportunities include, Career Fairs, Graduate School Expo, and the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP). At these events you get the chance to meet and talk with professionals in your field.

Where do I find job listings on campus?

On-campus professional jobs are listed on the Human Resources web page, and on-campus student employment information can be obtained from the individual hiring department.

I am an International (F1 Visa) student, can I gain employment while studying at Florida Memorial University?

Yes! However, there are strict immigration policies that you must follow. You are allowed to work on-campus without INS approval. To work off-campus, you must be in the country for more than nine (9) months, and it must be as an internship that is apart of your degree program. For further information on employment, please visit the International Students Officer

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