The undergraduate program in psychology at Florida Memorial University is a dynamic, integrative, student-centered program that is characterized by both an academic and service orientation. The program, in terms of its academic emphasis, provides students with rigorous academic training as a means of preparing them for entry into graduate careers. Students are introduced to the theoretical and empirical basis of psychology in ways that allows them to understand the complex and multidimensional nature of human behavior. This includes appreciating the significant role that culture plays in shaping human conduct and the implications that this has for how psychologist do their work within an increasingly global and multicultural world. One of the hallmarks of the program, is the emphasis it places on exposing students to an African-centered psychological perspective and showing them the value this perspective has when applied to the lives of African American people and their culture. In assisting students in being aware of the range of occupational possibilities available to them, they are exposed to a variety of specializations within psychology including mental health and counseling, psychology and law, industrial-organizational, educational, and social psychology.

The programs strive at producing graduates who possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills for ensuring their success while pursuing post graduate training. In this regard, students are required to complete two courses in statistics and two courses in social science research. As a prerequisite for obtaining their degrees they are required to complete their own research project in which they apply the scientific method in investigating some aspect of human behavior. In terms of its service orientation, the program encourages students to apply psychology in ways that improves the welfare of the human group. In inculcating such a service orientation, students are provided with opportunities where they can contribute their time and expertise by serving as interns within community settings. They are thus required to complete two internships each requiring 120 hours. In this way, not only do students get an opportunity to improve the lives of others, but also better understand how psychology may be applied in real life settings.

Coordinator: Dr. Edward Stephenson (305)623-1404 – FIU/FMU Room 250