School of Education

FIU/FMC Cooperative Building

Dr. Idriss Abdoulaye Dr. Idriss Abdoulaye
Dean/Associate Professor of Reading
(305) 623-1405
Angela E. Williams Mrs. Angela E. Williams
Administrative Assistant
(305) 623-4279
Mildred Berry Dr. Mildred E. Berry
Professor of Education
(305) 623-1444
Dr. Denise Callwood-Brathwaite Dr. Denise Callwood-Brathwaite
Associate Provost/Professor of Exceptional Student Education
(305) 623 1415
Priscilla Dobbs Ms. Priscilla Dobbs
Director, Office of Field Experience
(305) 623-1400
Dr. Annamaria Jerome-Raja Dr. Annamaria Jerome-Raja
Assistant Professor in Special Education/Coordinator ESE program
(305) 626-3122
Dr. Thelma Lawton Dr. Thelma Lawton
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education/Coordinator Elementary Ed. Program
(305) 626-3663
Dolores Lewis Mrs. Dolores Lewis
Assistant Professor, College Reading
(305) 623 4281
Dr. Abigail Mobley-Bellinger Dr. Abigail Mobley-Bellinger
Associate Professor of Physical Education/Coordinator P.E. Program
(305) 626-3179
Dr. Tamar F. Riley Dr. Tamar F. Riley
Director of Graduate Programs
Associate Professor of Exceptional Student Education
(305) 626-3164
Deborah Smith Ms. Deborah Smith
College Reading Instructor
(305) 626-3672
Dr. Yvonne Campbell Dr. Yvonne Campbell
Director of Graduate Programs
Associate Professor of Reading Education
(305) 623-4278