General Information

  • Student Development Center:
    Counseling Services provide students a safe, relaxed and confidential environment to navigate individual challenges and stressors. The goal of our staff is to assist students in advancing their personal and social developments while maximizing their collegiate experience.
  • Eligibility:
    Counseling services are available to all current Florida Memorial University Students at no cost. Proper student identification card must be present during the time of intake.
  • Services:
    A variety of professional counseling, therapeutic and evaluation services are available to students inclusive of:

    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Therapy
    • Couple & Family Counseling
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Screenings/Mental Health Awareness
    • Educational Programs
    • 24-hour Help Hotline

Services rendered depends on the need of the students and the current situation/state of mind at the time of intake.


Counselors in the State of Florida are required by law (FL State 491.0147) to maintain total secrecy and confidentiality regarding counseling and client information. Violation of this law is considered a felony and punishable by fine and /or loss of license to practice. Furthermore, the Student Development Center understands and values the need to establish a safe and trusting relationship with all clients.

* No information, oral or written, shared between student and counselor can be released to anyone, including family or college without written/signed permission from client. The only time confidentiality can be released is if a student is in danger of harming herself or others.

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