Dr. Olivia Jackson

Dr. Olivia Jackson

Dr. Olivia JacksonDr. Olivia Jackson is an Associate professor of Political Science & Public Administration at Florida Memorial University. She holds a PhD from the University of Miami in International Studies, a Masters of Public Administration from the Ohio State University, and a BS degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Florida.

Prior to coming to FMU, she served as a Budget and Program Analyst for the Ohio Governor’s budget Office, overseeing over $200 million in budgets for several state agencies such as Department of Corrections, Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Lottery Commission, and the Department of Highway Safety and Administration.

While at FMU, Dr. Jackson served as Chairperson for the Division of Extension and Continuing Education during the1999-2005 period, where she was instrumental in generating approximately 20% of the University’s enrollment each year and in penetrating the Broward County market by establishing a new site in that area. Given her love for research and teaching, she chose to return to full-time faculty status in 2005. During that transition, she was successful in obtaining a Fulbright Study Tour grant to travel to Thailand and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) to meet with other professors at several universities throughout both countries with the goal of developing “Best Practices” for internationalizing the curriculum. By 2010, she was awarded another Fulbright; it covered a 5-year period (2009-2014) as a Senior Specialist which entailed short-term teaching assignments abroad, with her most intriguing assignment occurring in Vladivostok, Russia, teaching Public Policy at the Far Eastern National Technical University.

In all, Dr. Jackson has traveled to over 40 countries. Her research interest is terrorism and its impact on U.S. multinational companies and developing economies. Published articles include: “The Impact of Terrorism on Foreign Direct Investment in the Middle East” as well as “The Impact of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on the US Economy.”

Also, her dissertation titled: “An Assessment of U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in the Wake of Violence in Colombia” has served as a primary resource with Global Risk Assessments, Inc., an international business information and intelligence service that provides research, consulting, publishing, and training in Political Risk Assessment and Management for companies doing business abroad.