Faculty & Staff

School of Education

FIU/FMC Cooperative Building

Dr. Idriss Abdoulaye Dr. Idriss Abdoulaye
Dean/Associate Professor of Reading
(305) 623-1405
Angela E. Williams Mrs. Angela E. Williams
Administrative Assistant
(305) 623-4279
Mildred Berry Dr. Mildred E. Berry
Professor of Education
(305) 623-1444
Dr. Denise Callwood-Brathwaite Dr. Denise Callwood-Brathwaite
Associate Provost/Professor of Exceptional Student Education
(305) 623 1415
Priscilla Dobbs Ms. Priscilla Dobbs
Director, Office of Field Experience
(305) 623-1400
Dr. Annamaria Jerome-Raja Dr. Annamaria Jerome-Raja
Assistant Professor in Special Education/Coordinator ESE program
(305) 626-3122
Dr. Thelma Lawton Dr. Thelma Lawton
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education/Coordinator Elementary Ed. Program
(305) 626-3663
Dolores Lewis Mrs. Dolores Lewis
Assistant Professor, College Reading
(305) 623 4281
Dr. Tamar F. Riley Dr. Tamar F. Riley
Director of Graduate Programs
Associate Professor of Exceptional Student Education
(305) 626-3164
Deborah Smith Ms. Deborah Smith
College Reading Instructor
(305) 626-3672
Dr. Yvonne Campbell Dr. Yvonne Campbell
Director of Graduate Programs
Associate Professor of Reading Education
(305) 623-4278