BS in Business Administration

The mission of the Business Administration program emphasizes management studies. It is designed to direct students toward an integrated approach to modern management, theory and practice, the changing nature of management, management in a changing global environment, and creative problem solving. The approved electives provide career options in Financial, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and International Business.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. To explain the relationship between human resources management and other functions within the organization
  2. To analyze the different sub-functions that are critical to the success of any organization
  3. To describe the strategic importance of human resources in today’s global economy
  4. To explain the steps needed to create and launch a new business
  5. To integrate theory and practical business experiences needed to enhance the chances for success of a new business
  6. To analyze the components needed to strategically align an organization with its environment
  7. To explain the relationships of the functional areas within a business
  8. To analyze models of rational decision-making used in an organization
  9. To apply management concepts to organizations operating in an international arena
  10. To analyze components of international business, to include international trade and investment, foreign exchange, financial markets, and political and cultural interactions between multinational organizations and host countries


Graduation Requirements

This degree program requires at least 122 semester hours for completion.

Academic Degree Plans for: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (PDF)

Job Titles and Salaries

Business Administration Jobs

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