Mr. Alvin L. Pondexter

Professor of Art

Visual Arts Coordinator

Alvin Pondexter

Mr. Alvin L. Pondexter is the Associate Professor of Visual Arts in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, in the School of Arts and Sciences.  Since joining the faculty at Florida Memorial University (formerly Florida Memorial College), he has largely been solely responsible for maintaining the concept and implementation of the Visual Arts curriculum and, operation and up-keep of the Visual Arts component.   He provides instruction in three major areas of the Arts disciplines, (1.) Art Studio—Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Beginning Design, Graphic Design, Commercial Art, Illustration, Mural Art— (2.) Art History—Art Appreciation, Art History, Modern Art, African-American Art— (3.) Art Education—Teaching Art Elementary School.  This identifies a portion of the many services and functions that he provides to the University community.

Mr. Pondexter is a true native Floridian born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.  It was at a youthful age he discovered a fondness for the arts, receiving his first professional paid commission to produce a painted map of Florida, labeling all its counties.  The opportunity came about as the result of his sixth grade teacher who recognized that her young ward possesses artistic talent. Upon completion of high school, Amos P. Godby Senior High in Tallahassee, he applied for undergraduate studies at Florida A&M University, matriculated majoring in Art Education with a minor in the Fine Arts.  As a standing member of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society he graduates Magna Cum Laude from Florida A&M University earning the Bachelor of Science degree.  Mr. Pondexter then pursued graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, as an AOF (Advance Opportunity Fellow) scholar.  At the University of Wisconsin he received a Master of Arts (MA) degree and a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA), the terminal degree for Visual Arts.

While at the University of Wisconsin he explored his interest in other artistic disciplines –Dance, Singing, and Theater.  He performed with a semi-professional theatrical group, the Black Theater Guild of Madison, where their first major production was Lorrine Hansberry’s “Raisins”, in the role of lead dancer with limited speaking role as one the movers.  This performance led to his involvement in the production of a commercial for a life insurance company, CUNA Mutual Life as a dancer to the tune of “We Are Family”.  He also performed professionally with a Ghanaian African Dance troupe, Zito’s African Dance Troupe, with performances in and around areas of Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin.   In addition to performing with an African dance troupe he has also studied Jazz, Modern, and Interpretive dance.

In the Visual Arts discipline Mr. Pondexter is respected and recognized as a “painter” working exclusively with acrylics on paper, using a printmaker’s approach of stenciling as a part his painterly process.  He is equally proficient in sculpture, printmaking, and drawing.  He is currently a member of an artists’ group, Kummbu Artists Association, exhibiting locally and statewide in group and solo exhibitions.  His philosophy about his craft mirrors that of artists of antiquity, the creating of images that serve as an inspiration, guide, an acknowledge of that which is good and bad in society, with an effort to foster and encourage peaceful co-existence between all men and women regardless of race, culture, or nationality; a solidarity of family-hood.  Even though all men are created different there is a commonality, a common thread that we all share which is our greatest strength.  With an understanding of this simple concept, art can bring about a greater appreciation for our differences, and showcasing how those differences make us as a people greater.

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