Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Mathematics is designed to prepare students for advanced study or careers as mathematicians, actuaries, mathematical economists, operations researchers, or teachers of mathematics.

The curriculum of the program covers geometry, college algebra, modern algebra, trigonometry, calculus statistics, numerical analysis, ordinary differential equations, and discrete mathematics. It also includes computer science, social science and humanities courses in order to produce knowledgeable and well-rounded graduates. A minimum of 45 credit hours in mathematics above the 100-level is required.

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the mathematics program is to produce professionally knowledgeable and well-rounded graduates who have a foundation of logical thinking, problem solving, decision-making and a solid analytical skill applicable to any field of study.

Departmental Goals

The Mathematics program will produce graduates who will have (1) a mature understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and techniques; (2) the ability to use mathematical models to formulate, analyze and solve real life problems; (3) the ability to communicate mathematical ideas clearly and logically to both specialized and general audiences; and (4) the ability to use technology to communicate mathematical concepts.

Student Learning Outcomes

Mathematics graduates will demonstrate the following:

  • the ability to define fundamental mathematical concepts;
  • the ability to develop mathematical models from real world applications and apply problem-solving skills;
  • the ability to perform mathematical research;
  • the ability to prepare mathematical technical reports and present to the general audience;
  • the ability to use technology to communicate mathematical concepts both reports and presented form.

Graduation Requirements

This degree program requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for completion.

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