Apply for Scholarships

Students will formally apply for scholarships.  The applications are initiated through the Office of Financial Aid. Once completed by the students, the forms are referred to the appropriate scholarship area director for review and recommendation.

Applicable Definitions:

The following definitions apply to terms relative to scholarship eligibility, award and retention as set forth in this policy and subsequent procedures:

  • ”Applicant” means a student who is seeking a scholarship from the University
  • ”Admissible” means being in the process of having on file at the time of initial scholarship application the following documents:
    1. Admission Application
    2. Any and all official transcripts
    3. One letter of recommendation
    4. Personal Statement
  • ”Fully Admitted” means have completed and on file at the time of scholarship application the above documents.
  • ”Enrolled” means being registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester at the University for the duration of the scholarship award.
  • ”Financial Aid File” means but is not limited to the:
    1. Florida Memorial University Financial Aid Application
    2. Parent/Student 1040 Tax Return
    3. Pell Grant Form (SAR)
  • ”Recipient” means a student who has been awarded a scholarship as indicated by the possession of an Award Letter.
  • ”Award” means the monetary value of the promised scholarship
  • ”Authorization” means the acknowledgement and approval by the Scholarship Coordinator of the institution’s financial commitment to the student in the form of a scholarship, and serves to notify the Business Office of such.
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