Re-Opening FMU

Office of the President

Re-Opening FMU

To: University Community

From: President Jaffus Hardrick

Re: Re-Opening FMU

Date: May 31, 2020

As we move into summer and the nation and the state reopen, Florida Memorial University (FMU) is also resuming operations. Florida Memorial looks forward to welcoming our students, partners, and community back to campus. During the height of the pandemic, FMU did not have any reported cases of the novel coronavirus on campus. Today, we continue to have a Safe Campus. We maintained a Safe Campus environment because our students, faculty, and staff were responsible and adhered to the precautions issued by the healthcare organizations. The agility, resilience, and strength, that our Lion Family exhibited during the last few months have been extraordinary, and your hard work to support student learning is truly appreciated.

Through a phased approach, FMU expects to be fully operational on July 6th. We will have face-to-face classes in August. The new academic year shall be filled with excitement and new opportunities. The Rebirth of football, a new band, new academic and athletic programs, and much more will provide students with a rich and vibrant college experience. Register now to be a part of the Lion Pride!

Phased Re-opening

Phase I – On Wednesday, May 20th the University began a phased re-opening with select offices. Following the guidance of the CDC and state officials, all persons must wear a cloth mask in the public settings and offices on campus. The wearing of masks slows the spread of the virus and helps to avoid transmission of the virus by those who may be unaware that they have it (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-facecoverings.html). All visitors entering the campus will have their temperature taken at the gate; employees will have their temperature taken daily when reporting to work. The safety and wellbeing of our FMU community is our guiding light as the University continues mitigation efforts, including frequent disinfection, barriers in high traffic areas, social distancing, signage, and more.

Phase II – Effective Wednesday, June 3rd all staff are expected to return to work and offices will be open, resuming regular services. The campus will begin a progressive re-opening to the community on June 15, 2020, in accordance with established guidelines. FMU will maintain the mitigation strategies established in Phase I.

Memorandum – University Community
FMU Re-Opening
May 31, 2020

Phase III – The third and final phase will lead to a fully operational campus on July 6, 2020. All offices of the University will be open and activities will resume. As we resume operations, the University shall continue to follow guidelines established by the CDC and local and state officials. I am thankful that our facilities team has taken extra steps to ensure we continue to have a Safe Campus. Again, please continue to access the university’s website to review details.

Academic Update

Summer B is scheduled to begin on June 22, 2020. The STARS Summer Bridge sessions for incoming freshmen and select other classes will be in-person, with some of the course work delivered online.

Again, the University will have face-to-face classes in August. Additionally, a broad range of online classes is also being offered. This hybrid model will allow for the minimization of contact time while still providing a safe, robust experience for students.

You are encouraged to register for the fall and monitor the University’s web site for all updates.

Advising and Registration

Advising and registration for the fall semester are still ongoing. Early registration will permit students the ability to obtain their preferences for classes and schedules. Academic advisors in the Center for Academic Support and Retention (CARS) are assisting first-year students, while department chairs and deans are available to advise returning students. Students should check their FMU email and/or reach out to their dean or department chair to ensure they are on track for graduation and to avoid taking unnecessary classes.

Summer Camps

Effective late June, FMU will host summer camps.

Summer Housing

Although the state and nation are opening we recognize that due to regional and international travel restrictions, returning home is not possible for some students. The University continues to work with these students to ensure they are not displaced. Donations to the FMU Student Emergency Fund may be made here: https://www.fmuniv.edu/student-emergency-fund-campaign/.

Please continue to stay safe and take recommended precautions including social distancing, wearing of a mask, frequent handwashing, and regular disinfection of surfaces. Once we come through this crisis, we will evolve stronger and better. For more information and updates, please click here: www.fmuniv.edu/coronavirus. We will continue to keep the Lion Family apprised of new developments.

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