Academic MERIT

The Academic MERIT (Mathematics, English, and Reading Improvement Techniques) Program is the Division’s developmental studies component. Pre-college level preparatory courses are offered. The goal of the Program is to strengthen academically under-prepared students in English, reading and mathematics through intensive instruction and tutorial assistance.

Improving Skills

As a consequence, students’ skills are improved and brought to college level in specific areas. These courses are required of all freshmen and some transfer students whose college placement test results fall below the minimum requirement for enrolling in required courses in the general education/core curriculum. All Academic MERIT Program courses include laboratory assignments in addition to regular classroom assignments and participation.


Students whose placement test results warrant placement in the lowest level of a series of developmental studies courses must satisfy requirements of all courses in the series before enrolling in the corresponding required core courses. Students are urged to successfully complete developmental course(s) after no more than three attempts. Academic MERIT courses require a minimum of a “C” grade for passing. Because of the pre-college nature of the program, credits earned in developmental courses do not count toward minimum graduation requirements. Students may use credits earned in these courses to qualify for financial assistance, however.

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