Black Male College Explorers Program

Pre-College Outreach Programs Mission

The primary mission of the Pre-College Outreach Programs at Florida Memorial University is to facilitate programs and service to enhance the opportunity for students in Middle and High School to complete high school, earn a college degree, and find meaningful employment or pursue graduate studies.

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the program are to increase the amount of Black Males graduating from high school, facilitate their admission to college, and significantly increase their chances of earning a college degree.

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Program Highlights & Accomplishments

  • 100% high school graduation rate
  • 100% high school graduates attending college
  • 83% high school graduates attended a Historically Black College/University
  • 67% high school graduates attended Florida Memorial College
    Retention rate increased from 72% to 89%
  • Average SAT score – 966
  • Average high school GPA – 2.67
  • Received over $33,000 in support of its program by ways of sponsorships, grants, and donations
  • Parent Advisory Committee raised nearly $1,000 during Christmas Community Service Program (not including donation drive)


Major Accomplishments

  • Established a series of Parent Workshops that prepared and encouraged parents on how to help their children succeed
  • B.M.C.E. sponsored its first Spring College Tour (Tour 2000) for 11th and 12th grade high school students
  • Raised nearly $70,000 in support of its programs, by way of sponsorships, grants and donations
  • Will graduate its largest number of high school seniors this year (16 males/6 females). All participants have been accepted to college and are scheduled to enter in Fall 2000
  • Successfully produced informative newsletters for the B.M.C.E./Heads-Up and Shepherd Watch Mentoring Programs


1999-2000 Highlights & Accomplishments

Tutoring Program (bi-weekly) African American Entrepreneurship Symposium SAT practice test College Night Black History Program Christmas Community Service Program Raised over $12,000 in sponsorships from foundations and corporations (not including parent advisory donation drive)

1999-2000 Goals & Objectives

BMCEP to enroll 80 youth in program Heads-Up to enroll 65 youth in program Establish a mentoring program for BMCEP / Heads-Up Programs Establish a series of parent workshops Develop and operate the Shepherd Watch Mentoring Program (with secured funds under PSP model)

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