Lion Legacy Spring Break Service Project

Lion Legacy

On March 4-6, 2017, students from Florida Memorial University will be traveling from their campus in Miami Gardens, Florida to St. Augustine and Jacksonville to visit the ancestral homes of their institution as a part of the Lion Legacy Spring Break Service Project. They will be welcomed to St. Augustine by Mayor Nancy Shaver. This project is a great way to grow awareness of our institutional history, as well as promoting the rich landscape of cultural attractions that exist in St. Augustine.

During the project, students will perform community service at the Woodlawn Cemetery where FMU Founders, Dr. Nathan W. Collier and Sara A. Blocker, are buried. St. Augustine’s first college was a black school known as Florida Normal, later Florida Memorial College. It was located in St. Augustine from 1918 until 1968 when it moved to Miami, Florida where it is currently located. During decades of segregation, Woodlawn Cemetery was the only cemetery where blacks could be buried in St. Augustine. It is resting place for many African- Americans who served our country valiantly in the armed forces during the 1800s, and the freedom fighters of the Civil Rights struggle.

In addition to connecting with FMU’s unique history, students will be given the opportunity over two days to tour historic sites in St. Augustine related to the history of Florida Memorial, the Civil Rights Movement and the history of Black people in St. Augustine over the centuries. They will connect with history that dates back to 1738 to the first legally sanctioned settlement of former slaves, Fort Mose. On the third day of the project, students will travel to Jacksonville, Florida where they will learn about the Clara White Mission and the Historic Bethel Institutional Baptist Church. Both of these sites are historically significant as we connect our students to the rich legacy of leadership, character and service.

Please assist by contributing $10.00 to support the Lion Legacy Spring Break Service Project for 10 students who will benefit from the exposure of history as it is presented in beautiful St. Augustine.

Click here to support the Lion Legacy Spring Break Service Project

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