Program Description

Project L.I.V.E. aims to promote mental well being among students and prevent the occurrence of suicide and related risk factors by enhancing efforts at identifying those in distress and ensuring that they receive psychological counseling.


To promote optimal mental health among students and increase their knowledge and awareness about suicide and related risk factors so that they may identify and intervene with those in distress so they utilize the mental health resources and services available to them.


  1. Promote and support research on suicide prevention
  2. Promote effective clinical and professional practices for identifying, assessing and treating those identified as being at risk for suicidal behaviors
  3. Provide training to community and clinical services providers on the prevention of suicide and suicide related behaviors
  4. Implement research informed communication efforts designed to prevent suicide by changing knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors
  5. Increase knowledge of the factors that offer protection from suicide behaviors and that promote wellness and recovery
  6. Promote successful prevention as a core component of healthcare services

Targeting Special Populations

Florida Memorial University Campus Suicide Prevention Program recognizes that some groups appear more vulnerable to suicide. This may be as a result of a complex set of factors, such as environmental stress, lack of access to resources, experiences of discrimination, or prejudice.

  • Student Veterans
  • LGBTQ Students
  • International Students

A major feature of our program is ensuring culturally relevant services that are tailored to the specific populations that are targeted. This is reflected in our brochures, gatekeeper trainings and the events that we promote.

Basic Philosophical Tenets

  • Suicide is everyone’s responsibility
  • Suicide is preventable by knowing the signs and how to help
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