The Mission of the FUTUREnglish Language Acquisition Center (The FUTUREnglish Center) is to provide international and immigrant students with an advanced level of English language proficiency that will allow them to experience increased opportunities as leaders within their fields of study, as well as their FUTURE careers.

Goal 1

Through the FUTUREnglish Center, students will meet their language goals and increase their opportunities for achieving academic success. The Center will:

  1. assist students in achieving proficiency in grammar, reading, and writing;
  2. assist students in achieving proficiency in listening, speaking, and phonemic pronunciation;
  3. assist students who wish to matriculate into Florida Memorial University’s academic programs following completion;

Goal 2

The FUTUREnglish Center will introduce students to American life through an array of intercultural events and activities while recognizing the diverse backgrounds of its students and those constituting the overall makeup of Florida Memorial University’s academic programs. It will:

  1. provide its students with real-life emersion experiences both in and outside of the classroom;
  2. explore and uplift the cultural diverse population of students within its program;
  3. expose students to the culture and history of Florida Memorial University;

Goal 3

The FUTUREnglish Center will strive to maintain excellence in its curriculum and its program as a whole. It will:

  1. ensure that it continues to provide students with the latest technological advances in programmatic development;
  2. ensure that faculty maintain their affiliations with the International TESOL Association;


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