Intensive English Program

The FUTUREnglish Center offers four 8-week intensive English language sessions throughout the year, with sessions starting in August, October, January, and March. We also offer a 6-week summer session staring in June. Students enrolled in these courses receive 20 hours of class instruction per week with at least one hour of laboratory work per week.

Students beginning the program at a basic (low beginning) level are required to take 6 levels of intensive English. Each level comprises a total of 168 hours of instruction and lab work. Successful completion of all 6 levels allows students to matriculate into Florida Memorial University’s (FMU’s) academic programs. Any student opting to receive early admissions into FMU’s academic programs (prior to completion of the 6 levels) must complete an in-house assessment before receiving full admissions.

Our 6 levels include:

  • Basic or Low Beginning
  • High Beginning
  • Low Intermediate
  • High Intermediate
  • Low Advanced
  • High Advanced

IELP Program Certificates

The FUTUREnglish Language Acquisition Center provides students who complete each level with satisfactory grades one of two certificates:

1. Certificate of Successful Completion

  • Satisfactory status and progression to a higher level

2. Certificate of Completion

  • Satisfactory status but no progression to a higher level

*Students with unsatisfactory grades do not receive certificates. Students can, however request verification letters regarding their enrollment in the program.

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