Intensive English

Welcome to Florida Memorial University’s FUTUREnglish Language Acquisition Center (The FUTUREnglish Center), where we Focus on Upholding the idea of Transforming your Understanding through a Realistic approach to English language Acquisition (FUTUREnglish Language Acquisition). Here, our students not only acquire phenomenal English language skills, but they also have the extraordinary opportunity to experience American culture at its best in a state known for sand sun, and fun. Our Miami Gardens, Florida campus marks the quintessential beauty of our state.

At Florida Memorial University our motto is “A Promise…A Future”. As such, we are a culturally diverse institution that thrives on transforming lives and helping to create a sound future for people of all races, ethnicities, countries, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. Here at FMU, we strive to ensure that you not only meet the language acquisition goals that you have set for yourself, but that you go beyond by achieving success in our university level academic offerings that follow as a result of having completed our FUTUREnglish Program.

Kimya Dawson-Smith, Ph.D.
The FUTUREnglish Center

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