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The FUTUREnglish Center offers its students two flexible options for taking intensive English language courses.

Option I
Students can opt to take classes on the physical campus of Florida Memorial University, where they have an opportunity to immerse themselves fully into the language by working face to face with a well-trained American English as a second language instructor.

All courses range from basic to advanced levels, with each delivering high-interest, interactive practice in the target language. By incorporating the culture, customs, and traditions of the city and state of Florida whether it be a trip to the beach, the shopping mall, a restaurant, etc., students gain a realistic understanding of how to properly use the language in real life experiences. Our learner-centered approach of limiting our classroom sizes to no more than 5-12 students, ensures that students increase their chances of learning to speak English more naturally and fluently.

For students who cannot travel to the US or those who prefer to take classes in the comfort of their homes, we offer the option of taking intensive English Language courses through our online platform. This option allows students to receive instructions from a well-trained American English as a second language instructor in a safe, structured, intensive environment where students gain proficiency through an integrated, online, language learning system.

Courses range from basic to advanced levels, with group project that allow students to undergo a high level of student-teacher and student to student interaction. With each lesson being tied to an online checkpoint which assesses the students level of understanding, students can gage their progress more readily. Through classroom lectures from the instructor, audio and video-scripts/activities, students are able to hear and view the language in realistic situations; ultimately assisting students with gaining increased English language proficiency.


The FUTUREnglish Center offers a rigorous set of intensive English language courses. These include:

Primary Courses

Grammar, Reading & Writing

  • GRW-IEP 001- Low Beginning
  • GRW-IEP 002-High Beginning
  • GRW-IEP 003-Low Intermediate
  • GRW-IEP 004-High Intermediate
  • GRW-IEP 005-Low Advanced
  • GRW-IEP 006-High Advanced

Listening & Speaking

  • LS-IEP 001 – Low Beginning
  • LS-IEP 002 – High Beginning
  • LS-IEP 003 – Low Intermediate
  • LS-IEP 004 – High Intermediate
  • LS-IEP 005 – Low Advanced
  • LS- IEP 006 – High Advanced
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