Freshman Scholarships

College can be expensive – which is why we offer scholarships to high-achieving students. Scholarships are based on academic merit and do not need to be repaid. Scholarships are open to qualified incoming U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and international Transfer students with F-1 visa eligibility only. Priority consideration will be given to students who have submitted a complete FMU Undergraduate Admissions application and have submitted their FAFSA application by December 1st of each calendar year.

Scholarships are competitive and awarded on a “funds availability” basis. Scholarship awards do not include orientation, housing deposit, meal plan, and other student related fees. Scholarship offers will be finalized once final transcripts have been received and final gpa has been verified.

FMU Admissions Scholarships

Students are selected for admissions scholarships based upon the following criteria:

  1. High school GPA (unweighted and recalculated by admissions)
  2. SAT or ACT test scores

To be considered for admissions scholarships, be sure to:

  • Submit a complete admissions application by the priority deadline of December 1st. All required information, including application fee or fee waiver, official SAT or ACT scores, official high school transcripts, and any other required documents are needed for an application to be considered complete.

Awarding Timeline

If selected for an admissions scholarship, you will be initially notified via and will receive a separate scholarship offer letter 7-10 business days after your initial notification. Notification takes place between January and April of each calendar year. Transcripts and test scores received within the awarding timeline will be used for consideration.

Senior year grades or test scores received after the awarding timeline will not be considered for scholarship selection.

Note: Scores from ACT/SAT test dates in prior to December are the last to be used for scholarship consideration. Grades from senior year will not be used in consideration.

Scholarship Award/Benefits Academic Requirements
Academic Excellence


$12,576 ($6,288 per semester) 3.6+ unweighted GPA


Academic Achievement Scholarship $6,288 ($3,144 per semester) 3.4-3.59 unweighted GPA
FMU Transfer  Scholarship



$4,000 ($2,000 per year)




3.0+ GPA with a minimum of 30 transferable credits


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