Dr. Lester Reid

Dr. Lester Reid is an Associate Professor of Accounting in the School of Business at Florida Memorial University. Dr. Reid has held academic Chairperson, Director of Business Programs leadership positions, served on 32 doctoral dissertation committees as a Dissertation Chairperson, Content Matter and Subject Matter Expert at public and private universities nationwide. He teaches doctoral, masters and Executive MBA’s undergraduate courses at HCBU’s, not-for-profit and public colleges and universities. He has developed innovative and cutting-edge courses in various business disciplines at colleges and universities, nationwide and internationally. His research interests and teaching are in the field of accounting, financial management, business management, leadership, federal taxation, entrepreneurship, technology, adult and higher education.

Dr. Reid is a former US Department of Treasury Revenue Agent Manager and a former Corporate Executive. He has dedicated several years to public service at the federal level and at higher education institutions. He is a member of the National Association of Revenue Agents, Florida Society of Revenue Agents, Institute of Management Accountants, Society of Financial Education and Professional Development, Financial Management Association, Association of Business Process Management Professionals, Academy of International Business, The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business and Take Stock in Children of Broward County.

Dr. Reid has published scholarly journals and books in multiple disciplines that is impacting the scholarly world, business environments, adult and higher education environments. He has presented at seminars, workshops and conferences at private and public organizations. He has taught, trained, mentored, coached and developed college students, alumni, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and government leaders. Dr. Reid strongly believes in the power of education, power of knowledge and transformation and he practices such in every area of his personal and professional life. Recently, Dr. Reid was awarded faculty Marshal at Florida Memorial for academic year 2019-2020.

Dr. Reid is completing his second Doctorate of Education in Adult and Higher Education with a specialization in Higher Education at The University of Memphis Tennessee. He has completed his first Doctorate of Business Administration in Management at Grand Canyon University. He has completed his Master of Education in Adult and Higher Education with a specialization in Higher Education at University of Houston, Texas. His Master of Science in Accounting, MBA and Master of Science in Management was completed at Texas A&M University, Texas. He is a graduate of Palm Beach State College where he completed his Associates degree in business. Dr. Reid is a professional accountant, professional tax practitioner and a financial management expert.

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