5-on-5 Basketball

Rules Governing All Intramural Sports

5-on-5 basketball

  1. All participants must be a current faculty/staff, & student with a valid University ID. ID checks will made throughout the season. All participants are subject to an ID check at any time by the Director.
  2. Team captains will be responsible for knowing the rules and informing their team of these rules. Captains will be held accountable for team’s behavior.
  3. Game time is forfeit time. Teams must show up with the minimum number (5) to begin a game. If a team has three (3) players or less at any time, the game is over.
  4. Two forfeits will result in that team’s expulsion from the league.
  5. Fighting will result in either the individual(s) or the entire team(s) expelled from the league.
  6. Absolutely no alcohol in playing areas.
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct (profanity, aggression, harassment) will be penalized according to its severity. Ejected players must leave the gym immediately.
  8. A player may only play for one team.
  9. Teams may have players with prior collegiate experience (Div II or higher) and alumni on their roster. Players must be at least one year removed from his/her playing experience.
  10. All participants must play minimum of (4) games before the playoff.

All NCAA Basketball Rules will apply with the following modifications:

  1. Games will consist of two (2) 15-minute halves. Clock will run until the final minute of the first half and the final two minutes of the second half, or if a team calls a timeout. Inside one minute (first half) two minutes (second half) clock will stop on all dead ball situations. Officials may stop the clock at any time.
  2. Each team gets two (2) two timeouts per half.
  3. Half time will be 3 minutes long.
  4. Overtime will consist of three minute periods with regular clock until the tie is broken. Teams will be given one timeout in overtime.
  5. Players get five (5) fouls. After six (6) team fouls, a bonus will be awarded (1/1).
  6. All technical fouls will result in two (2) shots and possession. One technical will result in a player’s ejection*. Flagrant fouls may result in ejection.
  7. Substitutions can only be made on dead balls and must be beckoned by the referee. Illegal substitution will result in a technical.
  8. All players must be signed in at the scorer’s table before the game starts.
  9. Absolutely no jewelry or hats. This is a safety precaution. Violation is a technical.
  10. Unusual circumstances that occur during the game that are not mentioned in the rules will be at the discretion of the referee. Decisions are final.
  11. Games begin with a jump ball, and then possessions will be determined according to the alternate possession rule.
  12. Shots made beyond the 3-point arc will count for 3 points.
  13. MERCY RULE: 20-point margin in last two minutes of game.
  14. *Ejected players must meet with Director before playing again.
  15. A roster limit of 10 players will be enforced.

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Any questions concerning league play should be directed to Rodney Carter at 305-626-3688.

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