Pastoral Care

The role of the Dean of Campus Ministry is to serve as the spiritual leader for the campus. The Dean seeks to create a healthy spiritual climate where faith is freely exercised. This means that there is a commitment to making the daily environment conducive to spiritual growth by assessing and addressing the needs of the campus. The spiritual awareness is important in an age when the world is fluid – constantly changing – and the pressures of life create stresses. The Dean’s goal is to be available to help believers be stronger in their spiritual walk and to help University family members of all faiths to stay connected to their divine sources. There are several levels of care in Campus Ministry: (1) care for individuals (2) care for students and (3) care for the university community.

Care for Individuals

Every individual is different (Jeremiah 1:5). Each is uniquely designed by God to be beautiful and intelligent (Psalm 139:12-16) and to aspire to great things (Ephesians 3:20). Therefore, the Dean will be available to counsel any member of the University family who desires confidential. Privacy and confidentiality are legally required. Personal matters will not be shared openly and will be addressed in consultation with the person and/or with university counseling resources. Life is a continuous process of growth and sometimes growth can be confusing, exciting, or stressful. The Dean of Campus Ministry seeks to assist individuals in understanding God’s desire for them, navigating life’s rough places and knowing how to handle life’s successes and failures.

Care for Students

Students in college are engaged in a fast-paced life transition which begins as freshmen and continues through graduation. The amount of growth within that four year can be unnerving. The scriptures say in Ecclesiastes 12:1: “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth,” meaning you should seek God while you are young. For a long time, being in relationship with the Lord was seen as the province of older believers. However, that is not true. The Bible contains numerous stories of young people – Joseph, David, Samuel, Jeremiah, Mary (mother of Jesus) and Timothy – who were called to God early. Joseph was 17 years old when God began to give him visions. David was blessed to learn how to lead as a young shepherd. Mary was very young when she learned she would give birth to the Messiah. Students need guidance in their spiritual development to help them understand the swift changes they are experiencing.

Care for the University Community

The University Chaplain is the Campus Pastor and supports the campus family in counseling, family loss, personal struggle, and spiritual growth. The Chaplain is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the entire University community. The Chaplain is in prayer daily for the safety of the campus, the success of students and the stewardship of university resources by its leaders and administrators. Therefore, the Dean will be responsive to matters that may arise concerning members of the campus family. Persons seeking assistance may contact Dr. Jeffrey Dean Swain, Dean of Campus Ministry, at 305-626-3674 or via email at to make an appointment. The Dean’s office is located in the Susie C. Holley Religious Center.

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