COVID-19 Update IX

COVID-19 Update IX

Date: June 27, 2020

To: University Community

From: President Jaffus Hardrick

Re: COVID-19 Update IX

The safety and security of Florida Memorial University remains our top priority. This memorandum is to apprise the University community of two separate COVID-19-related incidents.

Yesterday, we were notified that an on-campus employee–who had been self-isolating for the past ten days–has tested positive for COVID-19. Upon learning this information, we immediately followed the Florida Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control protocols and alerted everyone who may have encountered the individual, required them to get tested, and directed them to exercise self-isolation until they received medical clearance. Additionally, the University aggressively sanitized the potentially impacted area. After the required self-isolation period and medical clearance, we look forward to welcoming the employees back to work.

The second incident involves a student-athlete. Last evening it was reported that a student-athlete was exposed to an athletic recruit visiting campus from out-of-state. At some point after returning to their state, the recruit tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The recruit alerted our studentathlete of their status late last evening. Immediately upon hearing this information, our studentathlete notified appropriate University personnel. We do not have any evidence that the virus was contracted on campus because our Athletics Department conducts regular safety checks on everyone entering the building. All university facilities and high-traffic areas are sanitized multiple times a day to ensure the safety of everyone.

This morning, the University’s team doctor will test the team and coaches. We ordered this specific team to suspend workouts and activities until further notice. The team must continue to adhere to established campus safety measures. Upon learning the team’s test results, we will take appropriate action to ensure everyone’s safety.

Since March, the Division of Finance and Administration has installed directive signage, established new security standards, increased sanitation stations, and emphasized social distancing. These measures have kept us safe and limited our exposure to the virus. The University continues to engage in protective measures such as providing face shields in high traffic areas, maintaining an aggressive disinfection schedule, and distributing personal protective equipment. Based on the medical guidelines and feedback from our staff, we do not believe that either of these incidences impose imminent danger to our University community. It is our prayer that both the employee and recruit remain well and safe.

As a reminder, the University requires everyone to wear masks and honor social distancing while on campus. We will provide updates as the situation develops.

David Jaccarino, director of Facilities Management & Plant Operations, shares updates on the University’s response to COVID-19.

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