COVID-19 Update 15

COVID-19 Update 15

Date: October 1, 2020

To: University Community

From: President Jaffus Hardrick

Re: COVID-19 Update 15

I want to extend my appreciation to the campus community who have demonstrated tremendous commitment to the University during this difficult time. Please be assured that the health and safety of all our employees, customers, and vendors are always our priority.

Earlier today, we were notified that an increased number of students and staff members who were tested this week received a positive result for COVID-19. Upon learning this information, we immediately followed the Florida Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control protocols. Contact tracing has been initiated and those identified as being in close contact (i.e., within 6 feet of an infected person for a prolonged period of time, or at least 15 minutes) with someone who has received a positive result. The affected employees are self-quarantining in accordance with the public health recommendations, and we wish them a speedy recovery. The affected students are also being quarantined either here on campus or elsewhere as appropriate. The on-campus students will be closely monitored, and we look forward to welcoming them back into the general student population once they have received medical clearance.

Since March, the Division of Finance and Administration has installed directive signage, established new security standards, increased sanitization, and emphasized social distancing. These measures have kept us safe and limited our exposure to the virus. The University continues to engage in protective measures such as the installation of face shields in high-traffic areas, sanitization of classrooms after each use, and disinfection of all areas multiple times per day. Additionally, the University supplies personal protective equipment to all campus personnel.

We want to assure you that we are taking additional precautions including increased sanitizing and cleanings of impacted areas — particularly in high traffic or common areas — spacing workstations, increasing shifts, increasing remote-work capabilities, temperature assessments, providing masks & gloves, physically distant table placement in common areas, and modifying campus events and visitor policies.

Please remember that each of us has a role to play to help keep the campus as safe as possible. Of course, this includes staying home when sick, proper wearing of a mask or facial covering, frequently washing your hands, and practicing social distancing while on campus. Refusal to wear a mask and practice social distancing may result in removal from campus.

It is our prayer that all who are impacted remain well and safe. We will continue to provide updates on developing situations. Should you need support services, they are available to you through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). To learn more about the Lincoln Financial EmployeeConnect program (EAP), visit www.GuidanceResources.com and/or call 888-628-4824.

The safety and security of Florida Memorial University remain our top priority.


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