COVID-19 Summer Housing, Memo #4

COVID-19 Summer Housing, Memo #4

Date: April 27, 2020

To: FMU Students

From: Dr. Kelley C. Kimple, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs

Re: COVID-19 Summer Housing, Memo #4

Greetings Students,

The end of the semester is drawing near and we hope that you are doing well. We’ve all had to learn new ways to manage both our work and our personal lives during this pandemic. Please remember to wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a face mask/covering of both your nose and mouth while in public spaces. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) these precautions will help slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it, from transmitting it to others. Check here for more information:

With the start of finals, we wanted to provide you with pertinent information regarding summer housing and other related materials.

Requirements for Summer Housing

In light of the challenges regarding travel restrictions due the novel Coronavirus, we recognize some of our students will need housing on campus this summer. Therefore summer housing is available only for students who are currently residing on campus and either are registered for summer classes or unable to return home due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Each student will need to apply for summer housing using the FMU Summer Housing/Extended Stay Application and submit it by Friday, May 1, 2020.

Students must meet one of the following requirements to be considered for summer housing:

  • Must be registered and cleared for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 classes OR
  • Show documentation unable to return home due to COVID-19 travel restrictions
    • If not taking summer classes, will need to have an on campus/close to campus job throughout the summer

Only students who identify in one of these categories can apply for Summer Housing/Extended Stay:

  • International students who have border closures/visa issues/no flight options or otherwise cannot return home; these students must be able to remain in-status during their time on campus
  • International students who do not have adequate tech/wifi capabilities at home (in the event we open the fall semester remotely and they can’t return to the U.S. in time)
  • Any student who is authentically homeless

Students who are not registered for summer classes and don’t identify with one of the categories above will be evaluated on an individual basis.

All female students will need to move into one of the female Living Learning Centers and all male students will need to move into one of the male Living Learning Centers by Friday, May 15th by 6pm. Students approved of summer housing/extended stay will be informed of the buildings in their confirmation email.

Due to the special circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer we will charge all students living on campus during summer sessions the rate of traditional housing.

  • Summer A&B fee is $649
  • Summer C fee is $973

Residence Halls close Sunday, May 10, 2020

All students who are still residing on campus and do not meet any of the above requirements must move out of the residence halls by 6:00 pm Sunday, May 10, 2020. Please sign up with a Residential Life staff member for a check-out time in order to have your room inspected and turn in your room key.

Students who left campus prior to the end of the semester and plan to return for their belongings should already have a check out appointment for after April 30, 2020. In case students have not signed up for an appointment, here is the Housing and Residential Life Move Out Procedure Form. All students must fill this form out in order to have a proper room check out.

Please remember to notify the Housing and Residential Life staff a minimum of one day in advance of the appointment if someone not affiliated with FMU is assisting with move-out. This will allow for proper notification of security and minimize any difficulties with entrance to the campus. Remember to inform your guests they must wear a face mask/covering when they come into the residence halls.

If you are unable to return to campus to retrieve your belongings before the end of May 2020, but you have someone who can come get your belongings for you, please fill out the FMU Designee Pack and Pick Up Authorization Form by May 1, 2020. Please Note, Florida Memorial University and the Department of Housing Operations and Residential Life will NOT be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items being packed and picked up by your designee.

For students who are unable to come back to campus before the beginning of the Fall semester or don’t have a designee in the area to pack and ship your belongings, please email by Monday, May 4, 2020. Each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis.


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