COVID-19 Student Memo #5: Follow-Up to Virtual Student Town Hall

COVID-19 Student Memo #5: Follow-Up to Virtual Student Town Hall

Date: May 5, 2020

To: FMU Students

From: Dr. Kelley C. Kimple, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs

Re: COVID-19 Student Memo #5: Follow-Up to Virtual Student Town Hall

We hope you were able to tune in for the Virtual Student Town Hall meeting on Thursday, April 30th, Attending College During a Pandemic: What You Need to Know. Just in case, we wanted to provide some of the highlights from the discussion. Please read carefully the information below so that you are well informed of what is expected of you.

FMU Email Accounts

One of the most important things you need to do is continue to check your FMU email account as it is where all vital information is sent. All official communication, including information about financial aid, advising, housing, registration, and student accounts is done using the FMU email account. Because we cannot use personal emails to share university business, we thank you for taking immediate action be sure your FMU email is valid. If you have not set up your FMU account or have been locked out of your account, contact FMU Cyberzone immediately for assistance.

Register for classes

We encourage you to register now for summer and fall terms. For assistance with advisement, please contact your advisor and complete registration via Self-Service at

Academic Forms

All necessary academic forms, such as transient forms, transcript requests, graduation clearance are being processed online. To access forms, please click here: forms can be at For additional information, you may contact the Registrar’s Office by clicking on the link: or calling (305) 626-3752.

Financial Aid

The summer Financial Aid Application for current/continuing FMU students is available on Financial Aid webpage: As student awards are made, the information will be shared with Student Accounts for assessment of student eligibility to clear. Students should email their award letters to the Mrs. Katrenia Blue in the Office of Student Accounts (SA) in order for SA to determine if they can clear. Her email address is:

Award letters for continuing students will be issued AFTER the review of your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP review will begin once all of the Spring semester grades have been posted by the Registrar’s Office. Please check your FMU email address for correspondence regarding any missing documents. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application must be completed by all students and it normally takes up to five days for federal approval. Current students must complete a FAFSA each academic year. Financial Aid is regulated and approved by the Federal Government and not by colleges and universities. Unless your FAFSA is completed in advance, FMU Financial Aid Office is unable to award financial aid on the spot. New students, we ask that you take immediate action to complete and submit all required enrollment and financial aid documents. Your attention to these details will allow us to quickly issue your award letters.

All students should visit the UNCF website to view and apply for competitive scholarships It is important that you complete the entire process to be eligible.

For additional information or questions contact the Financial Aid Office via email at be sure to communicate using your official FMU email. .

Clearing the Business Office

Again, we encourage you to register now for the summer and fall terms as this helps ensure you will receive information about CARES funding.

Please see steps for clearing the business office remotely at the following link:

You can reach Student Accounts at 305-626-3737.

Residence Halls Close on Sunday, May 10, 2020

Students still residing on campus who applied for summer housing/extended stay will receive an email by May 6, 2020 indicating whether or not approval will be granted for extended campus stay.

Students not approved to remain on campus are required to move out of the residence halls by 6:00 pm on Sunday, May 10, 2020. The Housing and Residential Life Move Out Procedure Form for a check-out time in order to have your room inspected and to turn in your room key. All students must fill this form out in order to have a proper room check out.

Students must be packed and ready to move their belongings out of their room at the beginning of their two-hour move out slot. All guests coming to campus and current students must wear a face mask/covering while in public spaces within the residence hall.

If you are unable to make it back to campus before June 1, 2020 and have someone in the area who can pack and store/ship your items for you, please fill out the FMU Designee Pack and Pick Up Authorization Form by Friday, May 15, 2020.

Students who are unable to return to campus before June 1, 2020, and do not have anyone in the area to pack and store/ship your belongings, please email by Friday, May 15, 2020. You will receive a response within 72 hours with additional instructions.

Housing Deposits

We are collecting housing deposits for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please follow these instructions:

  1. “Pay Your Deposit” select and click on the appropriate box. New students $300.00, Returning Students $250.00 ($50.00 of the key deposit is refundable).
  2. Print and fill out the Occupancy Agreement and Emergency contact forms.
  3. Email the Occupancy Agreement and Emergency contact forms to
  4. Contact the Financial Aid office for your award letter, print it out and email to along with your room preference. (Room assignments are on a first come basis).
  5. If you have questions contact the Housing office at 305-626-3718 ask for Ms. Carolyn Green.

The Occupancy Agreement and Emergency Contact forms, plus additional information can be found on the Housing and Residential Life webpage:

Continue to stay safe and healthy as you finish up your finals and prepare to head home for the summer. We look forward to seeing you all in the fall as we kick off a new academic year. Get ready for a new and exciting experience at Florida Memorial University!


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