On Campus Resources and Support

Seeking Support: Utilizing Campus Resources

Encourage your student to utilize the following resources, which are free to all FMU Lions:

Center for Academic Resources and Support (CARS)

As the title suggests, this center is a source for academic resources and support mainly for freshmen and other students requiring and needing its services. CARS aids new students in their transition into the collegiate environment and provides support in four (4) key areas.  They include:


  • Students are required to be advised and receive advising and scheduling assistance based on test scores, grades and the intended major during mandatory advising conferences, and regular and pre-registration periods utilizing the developmental/intrusive and prescriptive models of advising. ​

First -Year Experience (FYE)

  • Programming in FYE includes the coordination of FMU 101/102 courses- orientation to the university and to the disciplines, relative sponsored seminars (advising, financial aid, health and wellness, library orientation). Topics covered in FMU 101 include: history of FMU, time management, study skills, critical thinking, listening and notetaking, test taking, and career exploration.   FMU 102 courses are specific to the discipline/major and focuses on an introduction to and skills for workplace success with related content such as workplace attire and etiquette.

Academic Resource/Skills Lab (Math, Reading and Writing Tutoring)

  • Skill enhancement and subject reinforcement through free tutorial services are provided each semester in either the math and/or writing/reading lab. Trained students serve as peer tutors along with a lab coordinator/instructor and a mathematics coach/interventionist. Students are encouraged to seek tutorial services early and often.

Testing and Accommodations

  • ​The testing lab oversees various testing venues both internally and externally, reviews and evaluates documentation to recommend reasonable, academic accommodations, and alerts faculty to the recommendations.  Its major role is to administer the placement test for incoming freshmen (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test -PERT). Additional testing includes CLEP and Pearson Vue certification.

The CARS staff endeavor to provide the best and most accurate services and information to students to assist them in reaching all their academic goals.

Career Development Center/CareerSource South Florida

  • Visiting the center is the additional self-assigned work students need to do to support their studies. What are they working so hard for? To secure a career worth having! Students do not have to wait until senior year to start gaining experience. Students can receive career advice, resume improvement tips, mock interviewing to prepare for a job interview, information about scholarships and internships, and more. There are computers in the center and a Career Closet with free professional clothing available as well.
  • Handshake
    • The university provides free access to Handshake which is a platform specifically for companies to connect to interested students who want to find a job, internship, or fellowship. Students must register with their university email address, set up a profile with a professional head shot, experience, activities, etc. Then, they begin to find opportunities that align with their interests. There are virtual job fairs and direct connections to companies. This site is perfect for students with little to no experience. Even if your student has plenty of work experience, this is a site where they can start to zero in on postings that are related to their major so that they can begin getting experience in their field of study.
  • The time spent developing skills and gaining experience demonstrates that a student is taking necessary steps to show a track record over time. The idea is that by the time they graduate, they will have skills that can transfer to any workplace. Even if a student wants to be an entrepreneur, skills will still be needed, even more so, because the student will be the main point of contact as business owner.
  • The Career Development Center is one of the last offices that a student must clear before graduating (a signature is required). There are job placement services post-graduation as well.


Visiting the iROAR Lab is another way to build skills outside the classroom. Some professors incorporate the lessons into their class expectations. As a bonus, iROAR offers students access to content such as business etiquette, time management, working remotely, speaking in public and thousands more. Visit the iROAR website for more information.

There are computers available in the iROAR lab or students can log on remotely wherever they are. Students can use:


  • This is the largest professional network on the internet. Think of it as the professional social media account. Students can find jobs, internships and connect with individuals, companies and groups in their field of study. There are events, groups, articles, videos, and photos listed as well. Students set up their profile with a professional head shot, their experiences, milestones, and activities. Then, they begin connecting with people in their network and companies they are interested in. As parents and guardians, you can join LinkedIn too because it’s also for jobseekers and small business owners.

LinkedIn Learning

  • Students can find content related to gaining professional skills. The courses are taught by industry experts across the world. Students can determine their own learning paths based on their interests, areas they can develop or their major. Students can also gain certificates to prove that they have acquired skills and add them to their resume. This is usually a paid access, but students receive the platform for free by using their university email address.


  • What are students asked from the moment they enter elementary school? “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Sometimes we believe that students should know without a shadow of a doubt by the time they enter college. Sometimes, students are certain, sometimes students have it narrowed down to a few options and other times students have no clue at all what they want. Students discover their natural abilities to be more aware of the possibilities in their career. This series of diagnostics assists in determining individual paths from university to career. A major doesn’t determine a person’s career for the rest of their lives. If students could identify their strengths, they would be able to maximize their potential and be more open to a variety of opportunities that come their way.

Susie C. Holley Religious Center – Spiritual Counseling

  • Florida Memorial University believes in the holistic development of its students, academically, socially, and spiritually. The Susie C. Holley Religious Center is a critical resource to students entering our university.  Open to students of all faiths, it provides an atmosphere for worship, prayer, and spiritual maturation.  While FMU was founded by the Baptist Church, it conducts a non-denominational worship each week at 11:00 am and there are other experiences for Bible Study, praise and worship, counseling, daily prayer and fellowship. The chapel provide opportunities for students to use their skills in music, song, dance, greeting, communications, etc. through our Chapel Ambassadors program where volunteering is welcomed.
  • All services are live-streamed each Sunday, but students are encouraged to attend.  Past services can be seen at www.fmuniv.edu/division-of-student-affairs/campu-ministry.
  • The Susie C. Holley Religious Center is led by Dr. Jeffrey Dean Swain, our chaplain and campus pastor, who is available daily to assist students as needed. He assists students in making the adjustment to college and overcoming feelings of separation from their families. He is part of our emergency response team for on-campus crises.  Dr. Swain also presides over Fall Convocation, Founders’ Day, and Baccalaureate – three of our most important events yearly.   If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Dean Swain, Dean of Campus Ministry at 305-626-3674 or jeffrey.swain@fmuniv.edu.

University Counseling Support Center

  • University Counseling and Support Services (UCSS) staff are committed to welcoming you into a warm environment in which the dignity of all Florida Memorial Students are valued and affirmed.
  • UCSS provides group counseling, personal-growth oriented workshops, time-limited individual psychological counseling, psychiatric evaluation, crisis management, and advocacy for social issues (e.g., sexual assault, domestic violence, etc.). UCSS offers skill-building workshops or trainings that are effective interventions depending on students’ presenting concerns.

Florida Memorial University Wellness Center

The Florida Memorial University Wellness Center is a facility that is open to all students. Although academics is a focus, students may find that having time for physical fitness can assist with energy, focus and overall health. The center opened in August 2016 and offers plenty of space at 50,000 square feet. There are amenities, programs, and services available.

  • Concession stands students can use these stands as another option to eat
  • Conference room
  • Dance studio: group exercise, instructional programs, etc.
  • Fitness room: equipment for cardio, weight, cardiovascular and strength training
  • Florida Memorial University wireless access
  • Indoor jogging and walking track: 8 ¾ laps = one mile
  • Equipment checkout
  • Group exercise and nutrition or health classes: available on a schedule including body sculpting, chef demonstrations, cross fit, health fairs and seminars, line dancing, tai chi, yoga, etc.
  • Lecture classrooms
  • Lion’s Café
  • Locker and towel rentals
  • Media room
  • Men’s and Women’s locker rooms and showers
  • Multipurpose area: This area is mainly used for the Florida Memorial University Men’s and Women’s basketball teams and Women’s volleyball team. The university also uses this area to host special events.
  • Rental facilities are available for special events
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